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Summer’s Top 5 Rabbit Vibrators

Sex Toy SpotlightSeptember 20th, 2012

Currently, the Rabbit Vibrators category has 36 products listed for sale. One of the most varied categories, the rabbit has evolved over time to accommodate several different features appealing to a wide range of tastes.

To simplify, we are listing the top 5 rabbit vibrators in order of Summer’s popularity. Since we know the toys very well, it’s easy to select certain styles to highlight. Please note also the list is valid until for a few seasons as in the new year a whole new collection is going to be added and will probably alter the best sellers. New trends seem to dominate for a while but eventually the same styles seem to remain popular.


1. Pure Indulgent


Pure Indulgent Rabbit Vibrator side view

What I love:

Insane power, many women don’t believe it’s possible to orgasm in 2 seconds but this incredible vibe will blow your socks off. – almost literally! The elephant shape is more ergonomic than a rabbit so this wild creature sneaks it’s way in and overtakes a bunny for top place. Who would have thought?




2. Triple Flex

Triple Flex Rabbit Vibrator

What I love:

A real underdog in the vibrator world. This one is easily overlooked as it sits among splashy colors and sparkling beads – all unnecessary in my opinion. High intensity tingling with softer cover is nice and cozy. The anal tickler sits between the cheeks and really brings everything up a notch of pleasure. I promise you’ll love it!




3. The Wild Vibe

Wild Clitoral Vibrator

What I love:

Thick shaft with curved tip will circulate over the g-spot as it gyrates. Wide spinning beads placed far apart are very noticeable. Wide and fat thumb is sturdy enough to be placed inside the clitoral folds for maximum vibration – which is very, very strong. Insert further and the clitoris will get lovingly pinched between the large and smaller spike forcing stronger pressure.




4. Dual Rabbit Vibrator

Dual Rabbit Vibrator

What I love:

Does not look very flashy but there are 2 motors inside. Somehow it takes the regular 2 AA battery strength and magnifies it into something that feels like it takes 4 batteries. I need to forewarn you – it’s crazy loud but waterproof so use it in the shower so no one can hear. It’s all about the power and the top quarter ears are split making it my favorite clitoral cradle.




5. Rhythmic Rabbit

Rhythmic Rabbit Vibrator

What I love:

Packed full of beads to the hilt. A shimmying shaft is really neat, a good internal massaging and while you’re clenching around it during orgasm this constant movement and activities going on inside make your pleasure time a real circus act. That’s a good thing by-the-way! The clitoral stimulator is very soft and does not offer the same force as some of my other choices but it’s a neat change of pace allowing you to focus on what’s going on inside.



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