Acrobatic Sex Positions

Funny, informative & wildly creative, there's something here for everyone.

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When a sexual positions book has a disclaimer at the back stating "inherent risks" of these sexual positions, you KNOW it's a wild book! In all seriousness, these creative and never-before-seen sexual positions are real, but do require some flexibility and a playful approach to assure success in execution. We also are sure there will be lots of laughter during experimentation!

Even a couple who believes they've "done it all" will certainly become inspired after flipping through this book. Most of the positions are so wild they look funny too. As such, this is an entertaining book for the coffee table. The happy humping couple photographed in a myriad of acrobatic sexual positions is sure to induce a constant chuckle.

Thanks to the tinge of wacky humor, this book is a perfect gift for the adventurous couple. Featuring full instructions and tasteful photos for 69 positions, this funny yet informative guidebook has something for everyone.

Written by Emily Dubberly, a British author specializing in sex and relationships. She is an expert in her field, with 24 internationally selling books released since 2004, this is a lady who knows what she is talking about! Emily Dubberly has founded women's sexuality websites in the UK and contributes to several popular women's interest magazines offering insightful advice and inspiration to women looking to enhance their sex lives.

Paperback 144 pages

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