Adult Novelties

A mixed bag of silly gag gifts, sex games, party ideas and adult novelties to complete your special event. Edible novelties, kinky or romantic games for 2! Some fun adult novelty gift ideas include sex dice and edible underwear. Regardless if you want a romantic, erotic, or hilarious sex novelty you're sure to find something unique here.

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  1. Quickie Scratcher
    Quickie Scratcher
    $1.61 $1.99 You Save $0.38
    A fun little add-on for your adult gift.
  2. Pleasure Coupons for Him
    Pleasure Coupons for Him
    $3.23 $3.99 You Save $0.76

    Sneak one of these into his lunch bag before work...

  3. Pleasure Coupons for Her
    Pleasure Coupons for Her
    $3.23 $3.99 You Save $0.76

    It's your chance to treat her like the goddess she is!

  4. BJ Blast Oral Sex Candy
    BJ Blast Oral Sex Candy
    $2.02 $2.49 You Save $0.47

    A snap, crackle & popping party with his dick!

  5. Bedroom Commands
    Bedroom Commands
    $6.47 $7.99 You Save $1.52

    The easiest sex game for lovers. Just draw a card!

  6. Sex Dice
    Sex Dice
    $4.85 $5.99 You Save $1.14

    Erotic dice with unisex packaging ideal for gifting.

  7. Sex Dice - Willy, Booby
    Sex Dice - Willy, Booby
    $4.85 $5.99 You Save $1.14

    The only dice with attractive & outrageous packaging.

  8. Sexual Fantasy Vouchers
    Sexual Fantasy Vouchers
    $3.23 $3.99 You Save $0.76

    Wild & crazy inspiration at your fingertips...

  9. Sexy Vouchers For Her
    Sexy Vouchers For Her
    $3.23 $3.99 You Save $0.76

    The best 3 dollar icebreaker known to man (& woman).

  10. Fantasy Affairs Game
    Fantasy Affairs Game
    $21.86 $26.99 You Save $5.13

    A high quality game for lovers with repeat playability.

  11. A Little Lovin'
    A Little Lovin'
    $8.90 $10.99 You Save $2.09

    Couples card game: collect points by doing tasks.

  12. Kama Sutra Scratchers
    Kama Sutra Scratchers
    $1.85 $2.29 You Save $0.44

    A lottery style scratch card where everyone is a winner.

  13. Sexual Position Vouchers
    Sexual Position Vouchers
    $3.23 $3.99 You Save $0.76

    A happy humping couples in 10 visionary sex positions.

  14. Deck of Sex Position Flash Cards
    Sex Position Flash Cards
    $6.47 $7.99 You Save $1.52

    A year's worth of erotic activities at your fingertips.

  15. Choose Your Fetish
    Choose Your Fetish
    $11.33 $13.99 You Save $2.66

    Easy sex game for couples with 100 fetish ideas.

  16. Sexopoly
    $26.72 $32.99 You Save $6.27

    This is not the same game you play with relatives!

  17. Sex Maniac Playing Cards
    Sex Maniac Playing Cards
    $4.85 $5.99 You Save $1.14

    Adventurous sex romps puts James Bond to shame.

  18. Fifty Days of Play Adult Game box
    Fifty Days of Play
    $13.76 $16.99 You Save $3.23

    Exciting new adult game inspired by 50 Shades.

  19. S & M Playing Cards
    S & M Playing Cards
    $3.64 $4.49 You Save $0.85

    Seductive bondage images across 52 cards.

  20. Edible Panties - box
    Edible Panties
    $6.47 $7.99 You Save $1.52
    Tasty underwear is delicious to lick & sweet to eat!
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Items 1-20 of 44