Fantasy Affairs Game

A high quality game for lovers with repeat playability.

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This romantic board game for couples is a well thought-out and high quality game. It is fun to play with detailed rules and instructions, but in the end, reviewers (our staff) said it was well worth the time. Furthermore, it is an excellent lovers game for a wedding gift as it encourages the newlyweds to explore romance and sex in their new union. The box has laser photo print making it one of the most attractive boxes to open. The basic instructions are to place cards on the appropriate spots on the board. Next, the Draw Fantasy Affair cards. Then, roll the dice and move across the board. Do the tasks found on the squares or cards, wherever appropriate. The first one to collect 5 Heart Tokens will win the game. Upon winning, act out the two Fantasy Affair cards that were drawn at the beginning of the game. There are many possibilities within, for example, the "kiss" square has 36 different cards with activities, so it is rare to repeat a task. Includes one 17 inch game board, 36 Fantasy Affair cards, 36 Creative Kiss cards, 104 Heart cards, 10 Heart tokens, 2 game markers, and a dice.

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