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Pleasure Island

Plenty of sexy activities & action contained.

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Here is a new board game for lovers with a fun twist to enhance the spark in the sex life. A perfect gift idea for a wedding anniversary, or when the sex life seems to become ho-hum. To play, move your pieces through the board. Each landing spot has a task or activity to complete. Draw cards along the way and perform the said activity. There will be lots of sex and some foreplay too, but players get lucky many times. There are several themes running through such as light bondage play and sampling new things like role playing and fetish dabbling. Not crazy, however, so the couple needn't be scared of opening the box. The board is vibrantly colorful; some may claim it reminds them of a family board game. The theme is for lighthearted silly and fun times, not something serious. The colorful adaptation is modern with high quality graphics. The shopper feels like they got their money's worth on this sexy board game for couples.

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