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Body Heat Warming Massage Lotion

10 flavors available! The cutest bottle for giving.

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Brand new warming massage lotion in a whole handful of flavors. Cheap price and adorable character bottle contains a ticket to loving intimacy and a special warming body rubbing moment. When shopping online for a flavored product like massage oil, it can be difficult to choose since the description is subjective to an individual's senses. To overcome anxiety of this task, we offer Body Heat, a cute small quantity massage lotion allowing you to make a decision without worrying about spending a bunch of money on a flavor you may not like. Furthermore, it is nice to have a little something extra to pack in a gift box or overnight bag as a sweet surprise. This non-sexual packaging suggests simply that you would like to be more intimate on an emotional level, make your partner feel good and whatever happens next can stay between you! 1 1/4 ounce

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