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Booby Cake Pan

An erotic cake pan complete with raised nipples.

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An useable cake pan that will result in a massive cake in the shape of huge boobs. Decorate at your leisure and treat guests to the tastiest and funniest erotic themed birthday cake ever! The pan's back features double braces spanning the width helping to make it stand upright. You'll need that because it's doubtful the cake pan can balance on it's nipples in the oven! Raising it slightly off the ground too, the handles make it easy to tip the cake upside down to remove from the pan after baking. Sure we've seen other boob cake pans that are cheaper, but this one is substantial, you don't want to loose breasts when you're pulling it out of the oven! The result is a cake pair of C cup breasts complete with raised areolas! Tip: Use red circular candies for the nipples! Length: 10 inches Width: 5 inches Height: 2 1/2 inches

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