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Candy Edible Panties

Crafted from the most delicious solid candies.

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This is the matching accompaniment to the candy bra. Complete the set by donning these heavy duty edible panties, which can be worn since the elastics connect tightly to keep the important parts relatively hidden. Tasty and delicious. Yum! One of the daring ladies in the office wore this candy thong one day, and we all had a good laugh - it reminded us of the old "raver" days when women would go to all night dance parties, scantily clad in strange costumes with lollipops and fuzzy boots, oversized hats and other sorts of weird paraphernalia. The Candy Edible Panties can be worn, and she will smell like a sugar shack! It does not offer 100% coverage of your lady parts, furthermore do not say we did not warn that men are going to try to gobble you up!

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