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The must-have treasure map for guys. All about women's sexual pleasure.

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Guys: This is the must-have manual for knowing your way around a woman's body. Consider it like a treasure map. This book plunges into instant detail with an almost medical-like anatomy lesson to a lady's privates and finely detailed instructions on how to handle her little flower. It's a lesson every man needs, even guys who've been up close & personal with many clitorises before can still sharpen their skills. Because a guy can never get enough vagina & clitoris information, the book has female sexual history facts and various little tidbits of information throughout its 176 pages.

Written by Jordan Larousse & Samantha Sade, literary erotica authors and friends since 5th grade. Together they have released 5 books since 2009 and are quickly gaining steam as two of the most entertaining sex & erotica authors. Throughout many sexuality based websites, they answer questions from men about how to please a lady. They know what men want to know - and what men should know!

Paperback 176 pages

Table of Contents:
1 - VulvAnatomy
2 - The Big O
3 - Finger Fun
4 - Licking the Cunny
5 - Fun with Dick
6 - And Anal
7 - Her Other Buttons
8 - Oh Boy, Let's Talk Toys!
9 - Her Brain on Sex
10 - Her Libido
11 - Big-Bellied Mamas

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