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Deluxe Plug

Long & deep plug with velvety feeling warm surface.

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This men's prostate plug does deeper than most. It has the same girth as a traditional "medium" sized plug, but it has double bumps and a super thin neck that reaches far down. The end is the thickest part, adding pressure very far. The second bulb is thinner and finally, the neck is the thinnest part at a mere 1/2 inch. You'll enjoy deep poking without anal stretching. The floppy scrotum tickler has a ball on the end for better pressure too. The scrotum tickler can flex very easily so it's like a soft tickler on the outside instead of a stiffer poke, as you'll feel on the inside. The surface feels amazingly luxurious with a velvet finish that's surprisingly warm. Length: 5 3/4 inches Diameter: 1 1/4 inch at the tip, 1/2 inch at thinnest part Material: Pure silicone Latex Free: Yes Phthalates Free: Yes

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