Amazing Squirter

A thick dick that ejaculates on command.

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The largest squirting realistic dildo, a big fat beast with thin tubing and accordion style plunger for life like distribution of fluid and never ending ejaculation. The life like dildo has an over hanging mushroom head and steady bulging shaft with massive balls.

A cool feature is the shaft is not too long, making it physically possible to insert the penis all the way allowing the user to sit on the balls. Inside the scrotum are dense rubber balls which feel like testicles moving about in a scrotum sack while being handled.
The liquid stores inside the accordion style plunger which releases as the plunger squeezes. The movement of the plunger mimics male ejaculation from the tip of the penis, squirting it out in bursts, not all at once effectively re-creating the true visual appearance and sexual feel of ejaculate. The tubing connects to the base of the penis itself, leaving the full circumference of the suction cup to do its job and stay sticky until peeled off with fingernails.
Time to draw your attention away from the ridiculously large testicles and move your eyes up... way up to view the looming head. A full mushroom tip with an edge that re-creates the very sensation that women adore about circumcised penises.

We suggest using only warm water as it may be difficult to clean the interior. There is a recipe for cum included from the manufacturer, but we highly suggest never using the recipe! It will be nearly impossible to clean out after use. Only use warm water! Be sure to understand how wide this ejaculating dildo is before placing your order – the Amazing Squirter Dildo is substantially thick!

Total Length:
7 inches
Insertable Length: 5 inches
2 inches wide, 1 5/8 inches deep (oval shaped shaft)
Polymelt rubber
Latex Free:
Phthalates Free:
Color Options:
Brown, Black

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