Naturals XL

An ideal option for the kinkiest of sexual fantasies.

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If a man were to have nearly a 12 inch cock, this is probably what it would look like. Sturdy skin with bursting veins and an erection that just won't quit. If you have the sexual experience to back up your desire for a massive XL dildo, this huge dick will provide you with the fantasy you've been craving. Sturdy enough not to flop over, yet soft enough to bend with your body movements.

Tight balls at the base exaggerate the shafts' thick girth. Topped with a pink head which almost matches the girth of the shaft, this huge dildo feels blunt and forceful; an ideal option for the kinkiest of sexual fantasies. The shaft is thicker at the top and narrows slightly closer to the base. It makes the dildo top-heavy for a weighted feel inside the vagina. The narrower base also prevents hand cramping when you're playing solo.

Total Length:
11 1/2 inches (please note the packaging states 12 inches)
Insertable Length:
10 inches
2 inches near the top, 1 3/4 inches near the base
Premium rubber
Latex Free:
Phthalates Free:

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