Fantasy Hollow - Ribbed

Wildly shaped attachment with foam insert for his comfort.

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The hollow strap on harness introduces couples to an unknown sexual fantasy. A hollow harness featuring the perfect ripples and sweetly curved head. This product is prime and ready for a wild sexual experience, a man with erectile dysfunction can fully please his woman.

This hollow dildo is firm and will never collapse; even if the interior is un-supported, so it is OK for women to wear. The back has a flattened rubber padding and a 1 inch long foam insert that helps to support the penile base in comfort. Beyond the foam insert, the hollow center feels smooth but solid.

The straps may seem confusing; they come neatly wrapped in a little pile, grouped together with an elastic band. Unraveling the package exposes a long mess of elastic. The waistband cannot adjust; therefore, we suggest tying it in a knot on the back to reduce the size as needed. The product box has a photo of a male model wearing this dildo, but they omitted the thigh straps which can lead to confusion when trying to put it on for the first time. Thigh straps connect from the main waist band and join at the metal snap located on the bottom of the dildo.

Exterior Length:
7 1/2 inches
Exterior Diameter:
Maximum 1 3/4 inches
Interior Length: 6 1/2 inches
Interior Diameter:
Slightly under 1 1/2 inches
Material: Firm rubber
Latex Free: No
Phthalates Free:
Maximum Waist Size:
48 inches
Harness Material: Limited stretch elastic

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