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Hard Throb

A thicker warm sleeve for the silky human touch.

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This solid plastic vibrator combo includes a thick life like silicone sleeve that slides over the vibrator. The painted sleeve has realistic penile detail and feels very much like skin. It may look overly floppy in the photo, but the sleeve has a skin-like density, it's sturdy enough to be enjoyed many times and isn't too soft where it will tear under hard thrusting and frequent use. (Although we must recommend lubricant with every use to reduce friction between your body and the sleeve.)

The elegant sleeve features a warm silky touch that has the right amount of density over the completely solid vibrator underneath. It is the only combination of sexual toy offering an exotic mix of solid interior and actual skin-like feeling exterior. We like a vibrator and sleeve combo because you can enjoy the hard vibrations coming from the solid shaft underneath, while experiencing a warm realistic feeling padding over top. Hard Throb has the ideal blend of power and softness, the motor rumbles deeply for supreme stimulation.

7 inches
Slightly under 1 1/2 inches
2 C, not included
Multi speed
Plastic Vibrator, UR3 sleeve
Latex Free:
Phthalates Free:

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