Head Job Pump

Best for masturbation with vibration & suction.

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The Head Job masturbation pump combines suction and vibration to simulate the feel of oral sex. Inside the cylinder, a soft black cup cradles the top of your penis. Inside this flexible cup, soft ticklers wiggle and snuggle next to your skin.

Assemble the handle to create suction. (Be sure to assemble the components as shown on the box otherwise the suction won't work.) The handle is larger and easier to hold than many other penis pumps. It's made for guys with big hands. Your fingers rest in the ergonomic finger grips for seamless pumping. The cylinder is wider and longer than most other pumps too making this perfect for well endowed men with a larger than average penis size. Press the button on top of the cylinder to activate the vibration.

The motor vibrates the black cup inside the cylinder, but it doesn't vibrate the cylinder so your hand won't go numb. It's a great innovation that makes this vibrating penis pump stand out above the rest. A fun masturbation tool for guys who like the feel of a good blow job.

Cylinder Length: 11 inches
Insertable Cylinder Length: 8 inches
Cylinder Diameter: 2 1/4 inches
Sleeve Type: Soft silicone
Batteries: 2 AA, not included

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