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The worlds most famous massive erection bursting at the seams.

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Kong is the most popular of all big dildos. If you ask a friend what “Kong Dildo” is, the friend with their mind in the gutter will know exactly whom he is. Kong has a reputation to uphold and after decades of fulfilling the most rebellious sexual dreams, he remains unchanged, boxed and ready to unleash a sexual rage on the newest groupie who takes one home. The fattest dildo with an over-the-top mushroom head capable of instigating instant love. Softer than it looks, but still dense enough to remain erect. It's truly for the most daring women only.

The shaft can bend when pulled, so even though he looks solid, it's more bendable than you think. His realistic styling is amazing - he is literally bursting at the seams, just gaze at those raised puffy veins in our close up photograph. The detail is simply astounding. Kong looks like he just used a penis pump, and now throbs for a vagina to punch. Intricately sculpted with bursting veins and muscles like a bodybuilder. A tuft of life like black pubic hair over top of the extra thick and chunky scrotum make it stand out in originality compared to other big dildos.

At the bottom, the clear rubber suction cup can be pulled out leaving a flat base with a hollow section, so if you're not in the mood for a suction cup, you can take it out. It's easy to put back in after, but if you're planning on removing it regularly, sprinkle talcum powder inside the hole to prevent the material from pulling and stretching after repeated removals. Kong is the personal sex toy of kinky ladies who crave the biggest man that breaks his jeans zipper open every time he has an erection. He made a name for himself, and it is time to understand why...

Total Length:
9 inches
Insertable Length:
6 3/4 inches
2 1/4 inches wide, 2 inches deep (oval shaped shaft)
Soft rubber
Latex Free:
Phthalates Free:

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