Looking for something specific?

Explore these lesser known sex toys:

  • Wand Vibrators The most discreet style of vibrator, wands offer awesome clitoral stimulation.
  • Most Powerful Vibrators Looking for a serious buzz? Here are the strongest vibrators we have.
  • Curved Dildos Dildos that are bent or have flexible spines inside the shaft. Popular for G-spot play.
  • Squirting Dildos Dildos with internal reservoirs to hold liquid that simulates ejaculation.
  • Ultra Skin Dildos The absolute lifelike experience. These dildos look & feel more realistic than any others.
  • Double Penetration Toys Dildos with double heads for simultaneous anal & vaginal penetration.
  • Black Dildos Vibrating, suction cup, rubber, silicone & life like black dildos.
  • Silicone Dildos Dildos made of silicone, a more luxurious and high end material compared to anything else.
  • Rubber Dildos The best option for those on a budget. Modern rubber dildos are surprisingly realistic!
  • Cyberskin Dildos Arguably the most popular material in the sex toy world. Oh so realistic!
  • Realistic / Lifelike Dildos Vibrating & non-vibrating rubber or silicone penis shaped dildos of all sizes.
  • Vibrating Dildos Penis shaped dildos that vibrate. A whole new level of sexual enjoyment!
  • Anal Douche Several styles of anal cleaners to rinse out residual lubricant after anal sex.
  • Pegging Strap-ons & Dildos Mostly used for 1st time anal penetration, popular for both men & women.
  • Hollow Strap on Dildos Worn by men with erectile dysfunction, it's a hollow dildo for couples to enjoy sex.