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The Hand

Wins the award for creepiest & most bizarre sex toy.

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Most people think this is weird. If you're among the small percentage of population that's erotically intrigued by this peculiar shape, you've just discovered your newest Saturday night playtime special.

The Hand is an oddly creepy sex toy, but also a neat fetish delight. Imagine taking a trip to a wax museum and tearing off the hand of one of the figurines to take home for naughty purposes. That spiel is not far removed from reality either - this is an actual cast of Belladonna's hand, an adult film star known for doing all sorts of kinky things.

When the urge for bizarre sex and kinky foreplay hits, the Hand is the only sex toy to consider. Soft yet dense, unlike the human hand the receiver will never feel rough knuckles or hard finger bones poking inside, especially around the vaginal opening. This freaky hand fist dildo is smooth allowing less painful hand penetration (or fisting).

The wrist can bend slightly as needed but the fingers are sturdy enough for penetration. It's easy to push in because the fingertips are so narrow, and the girth instantly widens as you approach the knuckles. As such, this is a great training sex toy to accommodate vaginal stretching. It truly doesn't get any freakier than this!

11 inches
Top Diameter:
1 1/2 inches across the top 3 parallel fingers.
Middle Diameter: 2 1/2 inches across the back of the knuckles.
Latex Free:
Phthalates Free:
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