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Mr. Perfect Dildo for Women

Silicone real feel dildo with a fully flexible & bendable shaft.

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This amazingly soft and flexible realistic dildo has double layers of silicone to re-create the feeling of skin moving up and down over an erection. This feature is commonly known as "dual density" and it provides a gentle, life like feel.

Give it a hand job and you'll be impressed with the realism of its shaft movement. It might not look overly realistic, but the skin feels realistic. Keep the lights out and you'll hardly notice the difference!

Inside the core, a flexible spine holds the dildo erect. Curve it forwards for G-spot rubbing. The shaft can tilt in any direction for customized pleasure and holds its position quite well, although it will straighten out under hard thrusting.

The soothing surface of this dildo isn't really intended for hard thrusting anyway, Mr. Perfect brings home slow, soothing and erotic sex. He loves it slow and gentle.

The surface feels smooth & powdery; true luxury in front of your eyes. Life like silicone blends are known for replicating the feel of a man's erect penis; when touched for the first time, a person will understand what the hype is about!

The dildo has a suction cup; it is softer than rubber and may not stick the same way, but it's great for a harness. If you're looking to stick it to a shower wall, it won't hold, but if you prefer to hold the suction cup in your hand for handling, this toy accomplishes this task perfectly. For women looking to buy the most life like feeling flexible dildo, this is a prime choice.

Total Length:
8 1/2 inches
Insertable Length:
6 1/2 inches
Ranges between 1 1/4 - 1 1/2 inches
Life like silicone
Latex Free:
Phthalates Free:
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