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Penis Cake Pan

Get bakin'! Includes 2 x 10 inch erotic pecker cake pans.

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Includes 2 medium sized (10 inch) penis shaped cake pans. The metal is similar to a pie plate; it's easy to detach your penis confection from the pan when done baking. Oiling the pan first or applying cooking spray will prevent it from sticking to the sides letting you ice the cake easily. Bake a penis cake as seen on the Simpsons in the episode called Sex, Pies, and Idiot Scrapes when Marge worked at an erotic bakery. Before we proceed with the description, let us take a moment to quote this episode: Homer: “Marge, I can see you withholding sex or withholding cake, but withholding sexy cake? I know we have to move past this, but I don’t see how.” An erotic cake is a taboo topic, but any party guest is sure to burst out in laughter. What will be more fun, decorating the cake with icing or serving it to your guests? When the party is over, a huge penis shaped metal cake pan sits in your cupboard, recycle it with other clever ideas like an elephant cake or a lighthouse cake, be creative - it is not a one-time purchase! Length: 10 inches

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