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Pheromone Massage Oil

Massage oil applied with a nice, even mist!

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A really cool product that is unlike any other, first it's a massage oil in a pump spray bottle which is virtually unheard of. Upon first pump, we immediately fell in love with the way it dispenses. The first massage oil in a bottle assures you'll enjoy a nice, even mist instead of a greasy mess. Too often oil gets poured on the back only to run down the sides and deposit itself into a greasy stain on the bed. That will never happen here, applying a light even mist over the back allows you to rub and spread the oil around evenly and with a very thin layer which prevents a distracting mess and makes the massage oil last longer since you use less. Infused with pheromones, the powerful mind boosting ingredient that enhances sexual attraction, now imagine this spread all over your embracing, naked bodies and you've got yourself a recipe for incredibly passionate lovemaking. The lavender flavor is called "White Lavender" which is a variation of the traditional lavender plant only with white flowers. 4 ounces. Flavor Options: Green Tea, Lavender

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