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Pink Fancy Feathers

You can play "nice girl" or "naughty girl"!

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The most stunningly sexy nipple clamps! The adjustable alligator style clamps fit perfectly onto your nipples with no uncomfortable pinching. Pink padded tips match the feathers and complete the detail for the girlie styling. The padded tips also feel more cozy on the nipples.

The screw allows you to adjust the tension, and the rubber tips let you keep your nipples comfortable and not sore! In the middle a small ball of gems glimmer in the light and enhance the nice-girl appeal to bad-girl nipple clamps. At the end, a bundle of bright pink feathers dangle, whisping against your body for a teasing tickle. It looks stunningly sexy too - any onlooker will surely drool with anticipation of your sex goddess gait.

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