Privacy Policy

Dealing in private matters is a specialty for us.
We fully understand that purchasing sex toys online can be intimidating. We do everything we possibly can to make you feel comfortable knowing your personal information is private. We have tailored both the billing and shipping processes to be as discreet as possible.


Discreet Billing

The credit card statement will be billed as Legend Sales.
Prices are in USD. We email the purchase receipt and put the order invoice inside the delivery box.


Keeping your Information Private

It is important for customers to understand exactly how we use their personal information. We never share, sell or use any of the personal information for any reason other than the billing & shipping process.


Billing Name, Billing Address & Telephone Number

The cardholders registered name, address, and telephone number are used for automatic transaction verification purposes only. If you do not want your order delivered to this address, please fill out the "shipping address" field on the checkout page. If you submit a different shipping address, nothing is ever sent to the billing address. If we need to contact you, we never call your telephone number. We send an email to contact customers if necessary.


Email Address

An email receipt is sent immediately after the placing the order. An email requesting a review is sent after a couple weeks after delivery. We never send flyers, promotional material or anything unrelated to your order. We do not have a mailing list or a newsletter. If we need to contact you regarding your order, we communicate by email. If you do not have an email address, please call the customer service office to place an order.


Shipping Name & Shipping Address

This information is for the mailing label on your package. During the checkout process, if the shipping address field is left empty, the system will use the billing address for the mailing label on your package. We do not send flyers, promotional materials or anything else to the shipping address.


Payment Methods

We accept Visa, Mastercard & Paypal.


Our Location
PMB #81 
309 Fellowship Road #200 
Mt. Laurel, New Jersey