Sexual Accelerator Gel

Power up your pleasure with this concentrated sex gel.

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A highly concentrated gel for the clitoris. The result is a ridiculously sensitive magic button, we often compare the clitoris to a "start" button for sexual enjoyment, but in this case, the result is amplifies compared to any other product. Looking for the most explosive orgasmic feeling known to woman? Put this crazy gel on, then power up your favorite bullet vibrator!

Menopausal women benefit from the added sensation, encouraging the body to produce its own lubrication and giving a low libido a much-needed boost. Contains L-Arginine, which increases clitoral sensitivity and encourages blood flow to the area to enhance the frequency of orgasms. It's a miracle formula many women swear upon, now it's your turn to experience the orgasms of a lifetime! 1/2 ounce tube.

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