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Satisfy a Woman

A sex manual for guys by the editors of Cosmpolitan Magazine.

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Written by editors of Cosmopolitan Magazine, this first sex manual for guys explains it all! Sure men read tips in Maxim magazine (which are excellent tips), but most are from a male perspective. Sometimes it is beneficial to take a peek into the secret conversations of the fairer sex to see what is going on in their mind. The reader will surely learn some new stuff; this book is a compilation of years and years of advice from over 18 million readers each month.

The Cosmo editors have painstakingly sifted through pages of feedback, collecting comments of things women like. It is a peek into the female sex life, consisting of everything men need to know about satisfying her in bed. This sex book is a compilation of short articles, never wasting time with useless information. It gets right to the point without filler. Offering general tips and ideas to can mix with personal creativity. Exaggerated? Perhaps but the popularity of this book speaks for itself. Features a pictorial guide to the female body and even a checklist that tells if she is faking the orgasm to a mini Kama Sutra guide with sex positions.

Hardcover 144 pages

Table of Contents
1 - The lay of her land
2 - Make like a boy scout and always be prepared
3 - Get her fired up
4 - Take her to O-town
5 - Uh-oh, something went wrong
6 - All the kinky extras.

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