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Male Sex Toy Guide

How can there possibly be so many things to stick a dick into? Constantly on the quest to make masturbation feel better, this niche is full of male sex toys with quirky, unimaginable features.

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Masturbation Sleeves

Masturbation Sleeves

Simple and basic but will do the trick. For most men, it is a pleasant surprise upon first entry and all they will ever need. Often made from a floppy silicone blend, the photos can be slightly misleading as the pinhole sized entry point seems impossible to penetrate but rest assured they are all highly flexible, feeling similar to dense non-sticky jello. All masturbation sleeves require lubricant to prevent tearing. Commonly open on the end, ejaculate will squirt out the back, so we suggest using masturbators in the shower.







Beaded Sleeves

Beaded Sleeves

A trendy feature consisting of a row of plastic beads planted along the sleeve's length. Inserting the penis stretches the material, forcing the beads to come into contact and roll back and forth as the hand thrusts, forever embedded inside with a layer between the beads and the skin, there will not be a chafing feel rather a very cool knuckle-like feeling rolling over the entire length of the shaft.

Priced competitively for the extreme amount of pleasure delivered; we place beaded sleeves high on a pedestal and if we were magicians, we would teleport a beaded sleeve into every man's bedside table. Yes, they are that good.





Suction Sleeves

Suction Sleeves

Any stroker with a closed end is going to create suction. It is a real life example of physics in motion. Each thrust inwards is going to force air outwards, withdraw the sleeve slightly creating vacuum suction on the tip of the penis. The ultimate way to simulate a blow job. Most suction devices do not look different than any other sleeve so to determine which ones create this effect, we have created a classification on the right side menu.

More recently, masturbators with interesting ridged and bumpy chambers are available. The chambers increase the suction capability and make the sides stick like cling wrap. Combine this with lubricant and continuous thrusting and it is a wet wild ride. With closed ends, it is easier to use these anywhere, ejaculate is collected in the end. Stretch the mouth open slightly and run liquid hand soap and water through to wash and rinse.





Realistic Pussy Sleeve

Pocket Pussy

Combines portability with realism to make the best sex toy for men. Any reader is probably not surprised to hear this. For a first timer we have a few interesting details to mention that are not obvious from looking at a picture, first the pocket pals made from a softer material (anything but rubber) will behave like real skin. The most realistic looking styles have vagina lips that move and stretch around the erection in the same fashion as a real woman's lips move during intercourse. This small feature has a huge impact on your visual pleasure.

Secondly, the tunnels have long ticklers or a ribbed texture adding a subtle feel during penetration. The tunnel format is very nice for personalization, squeeze tighter for a virgin-like feel or let it lay in your hands for loose, fast thrusting. A pussy with anus has two holes that conjoin into the same tunnel after about 2 inches or so. The anuses of the higher end models are tighter for better simulation of anal sex.





Full Sized Pussy & Ass

Full Size

The biggest and most extravagant sex toys for men. Not surprisingly the finest experience a guy can get! Full sized replicas of women recreating the exact shape, dimples and detail. Do you wonder why it looks so perfect? A woman squats in a plaster mold. The mold fills with a skin-like silicone blend to firm. The pussy is hand painted and detailed.

The easiest way to use the full sized model is to lay it down on a table or hold it perpendicular to your body and insert from a steep angle. It is a complete visual treat for the senses, move the thighs, and it looks as the woman is writhing in pleasure. The exit tunnel is on top. Prop the pussy on a bathroom counter & face the exit tunnel over the sink for easy clean up. The anus and pussy tunnels join in the center of the device. Often, the anus is tighter than the vagina to simulate anal sex.





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