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Sexy Book of Kama Sutra

Skip the complicated philosophy & focus on technique.

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Kama Sutra is not a straightforward technique, it's a complex series of philosophy teachings translated many times over the centuries. Many couples find it overly complicated; Kama Sutra is more than sustainable sexual positions and rhythmic breathing techniques; it encompasses mind, body & soul.

The Sexy Little Book of Kama Sutra is a word rich manual that summarizes the important stuff across 144 pages. It touches a little bit on philosophy but focuses mostly on techniques for lovemaking gratification. Detailed instructions on many Kama Sutra positions plus illustrations help the reader follow their advice. We find this Kama Sutra book well written in easy-to-understand layman's terms. The authors, Ron Louis & Dave Copeland have written over a dozen sexuality advice books combined.

Paperback 144 pages

Table of Contents
1 - Sexual Ecstasy Revealed
2 - Understanding the Body
3 - Setting the Mood
4 - Passion and Embrace
5 - The Art of Kissing
6 - Lingam and Yoni Kisses
7 - Basic Unions
8 - Advanced Positions
9 - Beginning and Ending Positions
10 - Complete Satsfaction

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