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Tickle My Tush

An enthusiastic & causal beginners anal sex guide for couples.

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An entertaining and intelligent anal sex guidebook well laid out with scattered illustrations and highlighted pointers. It is an easy afternoon read. The reader passes from cover to cover gaining knowledge at every step of the way. This book is packed with useful information for a curious couple with answers to common questions & tips on anal sex.

Written by Dr. Sadie Allison, a doctor of human sexuality. Over the past decade, she has sold over two million copies of sexuality & sex help books. Her goal is to empower women & couples to embrace a deeper enjoyment of sexuality. Her causal tone approaches this taboo subject with enthusiasm; the reader never feels dirty while reading 135 pages about anal sex. Dr. Sadie Allison has appeared on many mainstream television shows such as Tyra, E! and specials across Discovery Health.

Paperback 135 pages

Table of Contents:
1 - Butts up?
2 - Frequently Assed Questions
3 - Safety First
4 - Heinie Hygiene
5 - Backdoor Anatomy Map
6 - Sensual Booty Massage
7 - Fingerplay
8 - Lick-O-Lingus!
9 - The Art of Penetration
10 - Orgasmic Spotplay
11 - Hot Butt Toys
12 - Strap-on Seduction
13 - Positions of Pleasure
14 - Frequently Assed Questions
15 - Afterplay.

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