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Butt Plugs & Probes

Browse through butt plugs no bigger than a finger to big sizes that make most adults shiver upon sight. Packed full of interesting anal toys with funky features & original styling.

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Butt Plugs & Probes

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  • Finger Sleeves

    Finger Sleeves


    Out of stock

    Let your fingers do the talking in the cleanest way possible!
  • Gel Medium Butt Plug

    Gel Medium Butt Plug

    A better fit with gel core under a firm silicone coating.
  • Titanmen anal toy


    Large probe with stiff shaft and strategically placed bulbs.
  • Mood Plug

    Mood Plug

    Cute 'lil thing is both unconventional & ordinary!
  • Crystal Plug

    Crystal Plug

    A softer squeezable form. Go bigger while staying comfy.
  • Blush Anal Toy

    Blush Anal Toy

    Experiment with this extremely soft little guy for 1st time.
  • The Anal Stuffer

    The Anal Stuffer

    Plump wide-bodied design truly lives up to its name.
  • Thick Tool

    Thick Tool

    Blunt penile detail and cushy, yet sturdy feel.
  • Jelly Teaser

    Jelly Teaser

    If comfort is a priority, this should be your 1st choice.
  • Swizzle


    Best anal toy to stick where the sun don't shine.
  • Rear Ender

    Rear Ender

    Saved only for experts who can never get enough!
  • Spectra Gel Plug

    Spectra Gel Plug

    Tiny stuffer with gentle curve for men and women.
  • Sassy Hollow Plug

    Sassy Hollow Plug

    Hollow plug fits your finger or bullet vibrator.
  • Round Plug

    Round Plug

    Interesting fat circular device offers a freaky fetish feel.

Showing 1 to 30 of 78

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