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Anal Dildos

The sizes of our anal dildos, wands & probes range from small and slim for beginners to long, deep and huge for masters of their asses. The best anal dildos for men and women add a thrilling sensation to your sexual pleasure and will surely be a favorite addition to your adult sex toy collection.

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Buy Anal Dildos for Kinky Play

Chances are your first anal toy was a butt plug. They are a good beginning for anal play and the most popular butt toy for sale in sex toy shops everywhere.

Plugs stay in place (hence the “plug” term), but what if you like the feeling of movement in the rectum, more anal stimulation, and interactive play? Ever considered something more like a long or slim anal wand?

Introducing the anal dildo! Our anal-safe dildos range from small realistic penises with veins you can feel inside to abstract vibrating anal dildo wands and dilators designed in a shape to stimulate your backdoor hole to the fullest. 

Shop online for anal-safe dildos designed for all levels. An anal dildo is a long, curved sex toy able to stimulate your whole rectum with a pinch of lube. Purchase one now and experience an immense pleasure. Anal vibrators enhance the thrill, so a worthy section to have a look at while you shop today.

Our small anal dildos are ideal for both men and women. They are made either of sensual soft silicone or solid glass, and each of the toys have a secure flared base. Explore away without worrying about your toy going all the way in. 

Best Variety of Small & Large Dildos for Anal

With a wide size range, these unique and rather kinky anal dildos can go extra deep like a probe and reach far where the sun doesn't shine. For a spicy night, we recommend trying out a short and curved anal dildo for pegging strap-on sex.

Find all sorts of sex toys to elevate your sexual experience - glass, thrusting, double, realistic and inflatable anal dildos ready to be sent to bless you with many nights of love and passion. Unlike a butt plug that is designed to be stationary during sex, an anal dildo sex toy can be thrust in and out during foreplay for the orgasmic benefit and creative couples' kinky sex. 

At The Adult Toy Shop, we have the best anal dildos for men that have a curve shape for prostate stimulation and massage. The best dildo for anal with a long, thin shaft with a rounded or curved tip will slide on your P-spot until you reach the blissful orgasm. 

Women aren’t overlooked in any way. Our anal dildos have feminine appeal and are typically smaller and slimmer in comparison to anal probes for men. Some life-like dildos even have real double heads for dual vaginal and anal penetration. Rock it up and down and enjoy something highly erotic and certainly kinky! 

Looking for an extra-large dildo? Experts will love our collection of thick and wide anal dildos that are tailor-made anal stretching toys, some realistic or thrusting anal dildos add serious kink factor to your sex life and butt toys with a vibrating motor add an extra buzz.

Feel the Bliss with Anal Dildos for Men and Women

At The Adult Toy Shop, you can have fun with anal dildos anywhere you like: in your warm bed or foaming bathtub. The suction cup is strong enough to remain stable, allowing you to focus on your pleasure and not get distracted by fixing the position. 

The role-playing night with a strap-on is also totally another level of experiencing anal dildos. Having someone else in control and having no say over it is a pleasure in itself. The beginner anal wand with a suction cup base is harness compatible for couples adventurous sex play.

Needless to say, your orgasms will be more powerful and the sexual pleasure quite out of this world regardless of how you choose to use an anal dildo. You can even keep it in for longer if that’s what you like. 

And if you want to feel the cacophony of sensations, experiment with anal shafts of various forms and shapes covered in nubbins or beads. Don’t make yourself wait and order now!

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