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Ben Wa Balls

Offering 2 varieties of Ben Wa balls: Unlinked tiny weighted devices used for Kegel exercises and duotone eggs with self-vibrating motion upon body movement. The latter, commonly known as Kegel balls, help to increase the strength of orgasms and increase pleasure. The duotone balls provide sexual stimulation while Ben Wa balls strengthen pelvic floor muscles.

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  1. Traditional Ben Wa Balls
    Traditional Ben Wa Balls
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  2. Small Ben Wa Balls
    Small Ben Wa Balls
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  3. Leopard Pleasure Balls
    Leopard Pleasure Balls
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  4. Silky Pleasure Balls
    Silky Pleasure Balls
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Buy Ben Wa Balls for Kegel Exercises & Sexual Pleasure

Ben Wa Balls are used by women for a couple of reasons:

  1. Stop urinary incontinence after childbirth by strengthening vaginal muscles (also known as pelvic floor exercises).
  2. Enhance female orgasms and increase sexual arousal.

There are a few interchangeable terms and several variances on this type of female pelvic floor exercise device. They are also known as Kegel weights & balls inserted into the vagina and used primarily for Kegel exercises.

Silicone Ben Wa Ball
Silicone Ben Wa Ball with String

Kegel balls are typically weighted and heavy to make the muscles work harder to keep them in while Ben Wah Balls designed for intimate pleasure are primarily duotone, which means there is a small weight that jiggles and moves independently within a larger hollow sphere or egg shaped device. Duotone vagina balls feel like they “self vibrate” inside the vagina. It's a highly erotic, powerfully stimulating sensation.

you'd like some suggestions check out my list of best Ben Wa balls complete with reviews & comparisons of the 25 finest choices we have for sale.

Small size stainless steel, metal or glass Ben Wa balls require the vagina to work harder to flex and prevent them from falling out and the best choice for enhancing pelvic floor exercises. They can be used during sex and inserted while she stimulates her clitoris for personal masturbation.

Large Ben Wa balls with string are useful for filling up the vagina and enhancing the strength & intensity of orgasms by giving the muscles something to clench around while climaxing. These cannot fall out and are safe to wear in public. Benoit balls, another common spelling variation of these vaginal weights for women, have been made famous by the book & movie series Fifty Shades of Grey.

Kegel Balls
Kegel Balls

For the best kinky effect, buy remote control or vibrating Ben Wa balls, the truly only hands free vibrator for women. Duotone styles can be worn in public, tiny balls can be worn during sex for additional stimulation for both partners. Love balls are used during sex, pleasure Kegel balls can be extra large and worn on your own while you feel extreme erotic stimulation from inside the vagina.

Ben Wa Balls for Beginners

Ever since the movie series Fifty Shades of Grey introduced the concept of using Ben Wa Balls for pleasure, we've experienced a surge in customers inquiring about the benefits and pleasure of Ben Wa balls during sex or masturbation (or even in public!)

After Fifty Shades of Grey, we've been furiously adding new Kegel balls of all types and materials ranging from glass to silicone, weighted magnetic beads, Kegel eggs and vibrating vagina balls with with a string connecting them together.

Wireless vibrating is a fresh new trend and we've even added a few rechargeable vibrating options for sale too. Everyone from the beginner who is curious about their sexual benefits to a woman who recently gave birth and has a difficult time with incontinence and lack of vaginal elasticity can benefit from a vaginal exercise training regimen to strengthen the pelvic floor using Kegel weights and Ben Wah balls.

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