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Classic & Vintage Vibrators

Our classic vibrators for sale are timeless creations celebrating the simplicity of traditional, old school styling. Vintage vibrators & sex toys were originally created so perfectly that they remained unchanged for generations. Keep it simple with these classic vintage sex toy designs.

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Buy a Classic Vibrator for Old Fashioned Fun

"Classic vibrators" is a broad term that encompasses various old school and vintage styles that don't necessarily fit into a particular category. Within this section you'll find traditional jelly vibrators with pretty colors including pink, purple and blue to add a friendly, feminine appearance. The discreet approachable styling of a classic bullet vibrator is perfect for hesitant first timers and curious beginners.

Classic Vibrator
The quintessential vibrator loved by women everywhere.

Vintage vibrator shapes are mostly slimline and straight. The simplicity makes it a good vibrator for beginners since they are typically thin, small and lack complex features. Some include vibrator sleeves that slide over the shaft.

These cheap sex toys are a classy choice for women who just want sexual pleasure without being overloaded with complicated features and functions. These beginner-friendly sex toys for women can be soft jelly or hard plastic across a range of textures such as smooth, ribbed or bumpy.

Old school vibrator sleeves are a popular selection because they provide more variety to the user. Remove the textured or silicone sleeve and enjoy a totally different feel from the solid plastic underneath. Jelly sleeves are often made of TPR or TPE, a very durable material that combines the properties of rubber and silicone into one.

If you'd like to learn more about the types of female vibrators before you shop online from our website, it will help you finalize your decision to ensure you buy the best product according to your personal desires.

Classic & Vintage Sex Toys for Women

The vintage vibrator has classic styling that remains unchanged over decades for intimate sexual pleasure. The small and slimline design is one of the hallmarks of the traditional design and is a popular choice for older women and seniors who want to keep it basic in the bedroom.

Plastic is another popular vibrator for women that is cheap to buy and therefore extremely popular for women to own in their adult toy stash. Gel is a classic material also, but the new and modern versions are non toxic and body safe gel.

The modern refresh on these old fashioned toys is the USB vibrator. They do not require batteries to operate, the plug into your computer or mobile device and charge with a USB cable. This is the new take on vintage sex toys for women.

Finding your Perfect Jelly Vibrator

It's important to note that jelly vibrators can be either hard of soft. Be sure to read the product description and watch the video demo to get an idea of the flexibility, softness or firmness. Just because it looks squishy does not necessarily mean it is!

Modern jelly materials are technically not a “gel” anymore. They are now either TPE - Thermoplastic Elastomer or TPR - Thermoplastic Rubber. These modern materials are phthalates free and more durable than the old fashioned jelly toys your grandmother knew and loved.

Features of a Traditional Vintage Vibrator

The traditional vibrator is a basic sex toy that lacks phallic styling (does not look like a penis). The wand vibrator is a perfect non-phallic or non representational vibrator style. They are popular sellers because the straight and ordinary looking design is created purely to provide sexual arousal and help a woman achieve an orgasm with anything over complicated.

Many of the best cheap vibrators are super discreet and simple. Looking for a good classic sex toy on the cheap? Anything simple and vintage looking will be your best option for affordability. Complexity is expensive, simplicity is cheap.

Waterproof vibrators are highly desirable. It makes cleaning easier because you don't have to worry about getting water into the battery compartment while washing the surface. Furthermore, it's always nice to be able to take your waterproof pleasure toy into the shower for a happy, orgasmic wake-up in the morning.

Looking for fun in the shower? In each product description it indicates if a sex toy is waterproof of not. Scroll down to the bottom of the text and it will say “yes” or “no”. You can also select “waterproof” on the “shop by” filters menu on each section.

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