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Browse the best quality vibrators & vibrating dildos, or perhaps choose a classic style that has been a favorite women's sex toy for generations.

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  1. Wild Ride
    Wild Ride
    Special Price $23.48 was $28.99

    Large & highly flexible jelly-like silicone vibe.

  2. Wall Banger
    Wall Banger
    Special Price $26.72 was $32.99 You Save $6.27

    The strongest suction vibrator in existence!

  3. Jumbo Platinum Vibrator
    Jumbo Platinum Vibrator
    Special Price $9.71 was $11.99

    Long vibrator & insane power. A superb budget option.

  4. Power Swirl
    Power Swirl
    Special Price $12.95 was $15.99

    Elegant budget vibrator with warm rubber coating.

  5. Sparkler Mini Massager
    Sparkler Mini Massager
    Special Price $8.09 was $9.99

    The most adorable tiny sparkling personal massagers.

  6. Animal Print Vibrator
    Animal Print Vibrator
    Special Price $15.38 was $18.99

    Smooth animal print is what the sex doctor ordered.

  7. Jelly Caribbean
    Jelly Caribbean
    Special Price $17.81 was $21.99

    Squishy soft vibe with a handle, perfect for beginners.

  8. Bathtub Buddy
    Bathtub Buddy
    Special Price $19.43 was $23.99

    Solid & very thin beginner's vibrator is the easiest to insert.

  9. Over / Under Vibe
    Over / Under Vibe
    Special Price $24.29 was $29.99

    Have extra sexual tension to release? Try this DP vibe.

  10. Small Caribbean Vibe
    Small Caribbean Vibe
    Special Price $17.00 was $20.99

    Delicate vibrator for soothing sexual pleasure.

  11. Caribbean Vibe - Long
    Caribbean Vibe - Long
    Special Price $19.43 was $23.99

    Long, soft shaft with lower rumbling vibration.

  12. Blueberry Bliss
    Blueberry Bliss
    Special Price $11.33 was $13.99 You Save $2.66

    Curvaceous top third with steady bottom third.

  13. Slender Sensation
    Slender Sensation
    Special Price $11.33 was $13.99

    Spice things up with this tiny intimate device.

  14. Pearl Shine Small
    Pearl Shine Small
    Special Price $11.33 was $13.99

    A series of cute lil' penis vibes in pretty colors.

  15. Bumpy Sleeve and Vibe
    Bumpy Sleeve and Vibe
    Special Price $14.38 was $18.99

    This wild vibrator & sleeve has crazy texture to the max!

  16. Slim Sleeve and Vibe
    Slim Sleeve and Vibe
    Special Price $13.76 was $16.99

    Gentle, soft and discreet vibrator combo for 1st timers.

  17. Swirl Gem
    Swirl Gem
    Special Price $20.24 was $24.99 You Save $4.75

    A sweetly spiraled ladies vibe for beginners.

  18. Power Penis
    Power Penis
    Special Price $18.62 was $22.99

    Silent plastic vibrator with muffled noise & strong tingle.

  19. Devil Dick
    Devil Dick
    Special Price $32.39 was $39.99 You Save $7.60

    When other sex toys let you down, meet Devil Dick!

  20. Risque Tulip
    Risque Tulip
    Special Price $23.48 was $28.99

    Experience the finest that classy sex toys have to offer.

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69 items