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Deep Throat Spray

Deep throat spray & gel is a popular numbing oral enhancer for blow jobs. When the mouth and throat are desensitized, it reduces the gag reflex that often occurs during deep oral sex. Blowjobs are more enjoyable and comfortable when you don't have to worry about the gag reflex interrupting your deepthroat.

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Blowjob Deep Throat Sprays & Desensitizers

Blowjob spray is the finest oral sex accessory ever made for dick sucking! Deep throat spray, gel and lube is an invention designed to help your mouth and throat relax and simply enjoy the process. Giving oral sex to your partner will never be the same but ten times better! All your naughty dreams can come true with the right equipment.

At The Adult Toy Shop, you can pick any gag reflex spray and conveniently carry it with you since a spray bottle takes little space. Whenever you want to give a quick blow job, you are just one blowjob spray away from pleasure.

Deep throat numbing sprays for oral sex come in a convenient spray bottle with an extra-long nozzle to reach deep into the throat to prevent gag reflex. Give it a few sprays before oral sex begins, and be able to go extra deep without feeling like you need to gag.

Deep throat sprays and gels aren’t only effective when it comes to preventing gagging. Most deep throat sprays are flavored and/or scented to mask the flavor of semen too. Do you want to taste strawberries today or cherries tomorrow? The choice is yours.

How Does Throat Numbing Spray for Oral Work?

The liquid contains a small amount of Benzocaine or Lidocaine, a mild topical anesthetic that is found in toothache creams and throat numbing sprays for sore throat, which are comparable to throat numbing sprays for oral. It only takes a few minutes to absorb into the skin, and it slightly numbs the area for about 15 minutes or so.

These desensitizers are body safe and can be ingested, a little goes a long way, too, and only a few pumps are needed to desensitize the throat in preparation for a fantastic blow job.

Deep throat sprays offer a range of tantalizing sensations that can transform the way you get intimate with your partner.

Designed with careful consideration for safety and effectiveness, these dick sucking sprays are formulated to provide a gentle numbing effect, reducing discomfort and allowing for deeper, more pleasurable oral experiences during deepthroat blowjob.

Enhance Oral Sex with Deep Throat Gel & Spray

The intimate experience between you and your partner will have an exciting dimension. Expect heightened pleasure for both you and your loved one, and feel the ultimate comfort during oral sex. 

At The Adult Toy Shop, we have collected gag reflex sprays that are crafted from premium ingredients and surely will elevate your satisfaction during naughty plays. The spray bottle is so compact you can have it with you or use it right before oral sex in case you don’t want your partner to know about it. 

And if you have never enjoyed oral sex, this deep throat spray will change your mind. Most of the products have a subtle and pleasant taste that will remain during the blow job and sweeten the semen, too. 

Discover a variety of delightful flavors and aromas, ranging from sweet chocolate with coconut to tantalizing fruit blends, ensuring that your oral encounters are not only pleasurable but also enjoyable for all the senses. 

Thanks to our discreet shipping and billing, your nosy neighbors and relatives will not have a single idea of what is in your parcel. Order now and enjoy your every blow job with your throat numbing spray for oral. 

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