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Buy dildos for sale hand picked by the ladies who work here. No one knows dildos for women better than us! We are the dildo toy specialists who take pride in stocking the online shop with unique dildos across all price points ranging from cheap for the budget minded shopper to premium luxurious quality sex toys for women who demand the best.

Best Dildos for Women

Buy dildo sex toys from our list of best selling dildos. Want to spice up the sex life? These dildos for sale are a popular sexual enhancer for couples; shopping at our dildo store is the perfect way to add a bit of adventure to your ordinary erotic bedroom routine. After all, they are called “sex TOYS” for a reason: To be fun!

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Buy the Best Dildos for Sale

Looking for the best dildo shop you'll love? Want to spice up sex play with your partner or spouse? Are you a beginner shopping for a sex toy online for the first time?

Learn how to use a dildo here first by checking one of the many dildo guides we have on our site. In the guides, we discuss different sizes, shape, insertable length and numerous pleasure options available to play with, so grab your partner and explore new pleasure possibilities!

Browse our huge range of dildo sex toys for sale with hand-picked styles and find exactly what you're looking for - from colorful creations in different sizes to an extremely realistic artificial penis, buy budget-friendly or premium luxurious quality sex toys. Sexual wellness has no limits here!

We've organized the best dildos for women into the following categories to make shopping for new adult toys easy and fun. Discover our wide selection of strap ons, glass and metal dildos, huge dildos, and more below to spice up your adult playtime. Thinking of a bulbous tip, straighter tip, ridged head or curved shape? You'll find a great range of choices to buy.

Whether you're looking for a glass dildo for anal or temperature play, strapless strap on dildo, suction cup dildo, a vibrator for clitoral stimulation that will stimulate your G-spot, or another type of dildo, you can find the best sex toy for yourself among the variety of models on this page. Hands free play for lesbian couples or real penis shaped for partnered sex, we have vibrators to appeal to all your erogenous zones.

Buy Popular Dildos for Women

The realistic penis replica is our top suggestion for women looking to recreate the feel of sex, and by far the best selling sex toy in our entire dildo store. Discover our wide selection of strap ons and other sex toys below and spice up your love life.

With over a thousand styles of realistic cock replicas on the market, it can be tricky to buy a good realistic dildo, so we've tested them to pick the most original, most lifelike feeling and the best quality for the price.

We would never list a womens dildo for sale that we wouldn't use ourselves. It's the main benefit of shopping at our dildo store online, our website will never sell something that doesn't pass the quality test.

The premium luxury brands have flexible shafts & testicles with anatomically correct detail, shape and dual density skin. Budget minded? Don't worry, we've got you covered with our finest cheap dildos in various sizes. Sexual stimulation shouldn't cost a fortune!

The best dildos are crafted with the most advanced ultra soft blends often called Real Skin. These re-create an accurate life like skin feeling surface and proper male erection density. It's incredible how high the level of realism has evolved over the past decade, a consistent best seller in our online sex store.

Online Dildo Store Exclusives

We specialize in harness compatible dildos. Many strap on harnesses feature a rubber or metal O ring that can hold other dildo toys, and couples often visit us to buy a new dildo for sale because we have an entire category in our store dedicated solely to this style.

The ultra soft dildo sex toys do not work quite as well as firm ones because stiffer shafts help to make penetration easier. Yes, you can use a flexible or soft shaft, but it requires more maneuvering and some couples find it distracting. Purchase a firm vibrator with a suction cup base and don't worry about needing to use your hands.

How much is a dildo? Expect to pay between $10 - $100 when you buy a dildo. The prices of dildos for women on our site vary based on the material used. Rubber is inexpensive to produce, therefore the cost will be lower. Premium silicone is more costly to make, therefore these will be more expensive. Complex features also affect how much dildos cost. Thrusting, vibrating and heating motors all add to the final price tag.

Specialized & Unique Dildos for Sale

Dildos for Women
An awesome range of sizes, colors & textures.

Squirting dildos are a unique option built with an internal reservoir, tubing and hand bulb that squirts liquid to imitate ejaculation. Suction cup dildo toys are increasing in popularity for ladies so much that most new styles for sale have suction cups on the bottom. This style sticks to the bathtub, floor or wall so that you can enjoy penetration in different positions.

A dildo with balls is easier to hold while the testicles make it look more lifelike. They are harness compatible too since the circular base fits inside the O ring to hold the shaft in place.

The curved dildo is an excellent choice for female G Spot stimulation. Sure we all appreciate jelly rubber G Spot vibrators with a slight curve and strong vibrations, but the realistic curved g spot dildo on sale is a rarity!

A double-ended dildo for women and couples of various sexual orientations has dual heads. Sure, this sex toy takes up more space in your adult toy box, but it's an exciting option for couples who like kinky and adventurous erotic play.

Ladies purchase them for solo play because not only does it make them feel extra naughty, but they're easy to hold. They can also use double dildos with enough flexibility for double penetration.

Best Variety of Dildo Toys

We are the best dildo shop stocking all skin color tones of artificial penis including white or flesh, tan, brown, Latin and black dildos.

Consider buying vibrating dildo sex toys for an added kick of pleasure. The vibration greatly enhances the erotic appeal and it's a fun and popular accessory for couples to use for vaginal penetration during foreplay.

One of our favorite reasons to purchase a vibrating dildo is it offers the owner the option of turning on the motor, or leaving it off - but at least it's there in case they want the extra buzz. Aside from vaginal or anal penetration, it can also be used for clitoral stimulation.

If you prefer a sexual aid that is a little more sedate, we specialize in discount slim and small beginner female dildos for sale. First timers and seniors prefer the small, thin shafts as they offer a more delicate and gentle sexual experience.

The discreet options with a minimal insertable length are all hand-selected to assure any newbie won't be scared of their dildo pick! However, others would benefit from this type of dildo too, as it can be used for oral penetration and clit stimulation.

Best Dildo Sex Toy Materials

Silicone penises are made from a softer and more malleable material that cannot hold the visual detail as well. If you seek the most real feel dildo, silicone is the best choice. For the most realistic appearance, buy dildo made of rubber as these can be molded with amazing detail ranging from an uncircumcised or uncut penis head to an overhanging large mushroom head.

It's time to re-think the jelly dildo, they are made of body safe, non-toxic materials. All of the best gel adult toys for women are unscented, modernized, non-toxic and body safe. Make sure to watch the product video demos on our website to see how flexible, soft or firm each shaft is as they are all different.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, completely solid glass dildo provides a unique experience. The smooth glide and heavy weight are unlike any other womens dildo toy for sale. Glass is a popular choice for adults who may be bored with using the same style over and over and want something snazzy to buy.

A material that is becoming more and more popular among sex toys lovers is metal. Metal dildos are not only durable, but they are also very easy to clean - if you don't have a sex toy cleaner, you can just use soap and warm water, or if your toy is in need of a more in-depth cleaning, you can use a dishwasher. Metal dildos are also a good option if you and your partner are into temperature play.

Buy Dildo Toys for the Guys Too

Not only for women, but both straight and gay men also buy dildos online, so check the dildos for men section for pegging and P-Spot (prostate) stimulation. The inflatable dildo is another trend that we are seeing growing in bedrooms today - pun intended!

One of the hottest trends that's booming in popularity right now is the pegging dildo. This is the act of anal penetration using a thin probe. More and more couples explore pegging nowadays. A pegging strap-on dildo is the best choice because you can add any attachment later on, and some couples use it as a trainer to slowly increase size during anal play.

And if you're looking for other types of sex toys for women, such as a vibrator, vibrating dildos, cock rings, butt plugs and more, make sure to check out some of our other pages. We're always happy to help you find the best dildo you'll love.

Shopping at Adult Toy Shop

Even after finding the best dildo for yourself, you might still be hesitant about the purchase because of the delivery - but don't worry, we offer discreet shipping, so only you know what the package contains.

Discreet shipping is also a great option if you want to surprise your partner. And the best part is that we offer free shipping for orders over $59! So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping for the best dildos today and increase your sexual pleasure!

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