Thrusting Vibrators

Thrusting vibrators have a shaft that moves up & down to simulate movement during sexual intercourse. It's a noticeable internal sensation for women; furthermore, most thrusting vibrators have beaded shafts that rotate in addition to the up and down motion. Notice that all of these toys have a clitoral stimulator extending from the shaft, the rabbit stimulator is a common feature on a thrusting vibrator to combine clitoral vibration, thrusting and gyration for a complete sexual experience. It's a wild one!

  1. Thrusting Stroker Rabbit
    Thrusting Stroker Rabbit
    $63.98 $78.99 You Save $15.01
  2. Thrusting Butterfly
    Thrusting Butterfly
    $54.26 $66.99 You Save $12.73
  3. Thrusting Orgasm
    Thrusting Orgasm
    $122.30 $150.99 You Save $28.69
  4. Daffy Thruster
    Daffy Thruster
    $61.55 $75.99 You Save $14.44
  5. Mini Thrusting Butterfly
    Mini Thrusting Butterfly
    $55.88 $68.99 You Save $13.11
  6. Thrusting Jack Rabbit
    Thrusting Jack Rabbit
    $95.57 $117.99 You Save $22.42
  7. Thrusting Panther
    Thrusting Panther
    $109.34 $134.99 You Save $25.65
  8. V2 Butterfly
    V2 Butterfly
    $68.03 $83.99 You Save $15.96
  9. Triple Thruster
    Triple Thruster
    $121.49 $149.99 You Save $28.50