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How to Use Sex Toys | Full Instructions with Video

How to Use Sex Toys | Full Instructions with Video

Knowing how to use sex toys seems initially self explanatory, but after you shop and once you open your new package and give it a spin in bed, you may be wondering about the exact way to use it. Within this extensive library, you'll discover tips & advice that you won't see anywhere else.

These techniques are derived from over a decade of experience working in adult sex toy shops and counselling men, women and couples who want to make sex more fun and exciting. It's my pleasure to share this wealth of knowledge with you!

Common questions beginners ask:

  • Are there any new & trending tips I should know?
  • What are some positions & handling techniques to make the orgasm feel stronger?
  • Are these full step by step instructions any different from what I do myself?
  • Any insider secrets on using sex toys with my partner properly?
  • How can women use male sex toys - and vice versa?

My complete informational section has step by step detailed written instructions and classy adult toy video demos to teach men, women & couples proper ways to enjoy personal products for amazing erotic pleasure in the bedroom.

Discover adult toy techniques to improve foreplay with your partner, couples play and most importantly, better orgasms. My videos & articles are applicable to both solo masturbation, or intimate romps with your lover.

Fun sex toys
Sex TOYS are made for FUN!

How to Use Sex Toys - Step by Step

This expertise comes with years of experience playing with adult products and being creative when trying new things with my man in bed. Save yourself some time and read through my instruction manuals and step by step guides to learn the best way to truly enjoy your new adult toy.

  • How to Use Bullet Vibrators - The most comprehensive adult toy guide with instructions on using those amazing tiny egg and bullet shaped clit vibrators that provide limitless orgasmic enjoyment for her.
  • How to Use a Rabbit Vibrator - Learn 5 ways to increase your pleasure and discover exactly why the bunny stimulator produces the most powerful female orgasms of all adult toys for her.
  • How to Use Penis Rings - The largest penis ring guide with 12 types of rings, 5 ways to use them, new ideas and suggestions you may not have considered before to improve sex & masturbation.
  • How to Use Gspot Vibrators - There are 12 steps required to have an orgasm with a G spot stimulator, it's like a precise recipe with explosive results! Also discover our 10 top rated and best G Spot toys for women.
  • How do Strap Ons Work? - Insider information you won't find anywhere else! How to use a strap on, how they work and other awesome exclusive advice from our own sexpert. A little known but surprisingly common sex practice for lovers who want to re-ignite the erotic spark.
  • How to Use a Hollow Strap on - Answers to frequently asked questions and instructions on how to use a hollow strap on dildo for men with ED, one of the most misunderstood types of sex toys for couples.
  • How to Use the Butterfly Vibrator - The lesser known butterfly lives in the shadow of its more popular rabbit counterpart. We'll explore exactly why the butterfly just happens to have a superb design for sexual pleasure.
  • How to Use a Clit Pump - Vibrating clitoral suction pumps are a great tool for intimate arousal to combat vaginal dryness and are one of the most exotic personal pleasure toys a lady can have.
  • How to Use a Finger Vibrator - Improve your erotic handiwork with the fun & discreet finger stimulators. Learn different ways to use it during foreplay with your lover and enjoy personal intimate moments alone.
  • How to Use a Pocket Pussy - Full step by step instructions for men who want to know how to properly use a pocket pussy. Includes care tips and suggestions that improve sexual enjoyment.
  • How to Mount & Remove Vac-U-Lock - The Vac U Lock is a complete strap on harness system for couples and commonly used by seniors in the bedroom. Learn tips on using these strap on toys to determine if its a good choice for you!
  • How to Use Anal Beads - When you time the removal of anal beads with the muscle pulsing clenches of your orgasm, the rhythmic sensation catapults your pleasure into orbit. Learn the skills to unleash this amazing joy for yourself.
  • How to Prepare for Anal Sex - The complete guide from start to finish covers topics such as proper cleaning techniques before & after the deed and ways to make anal not hurt and be an enjoyable experience.
  • How to Use Lube - Personal lubricant is often overlooked - but it should be your top pleasure priority! Learn tips & tricks on proper ways to apply lube to make intercourse & masturbation simply magnificent.
  • What is a Penis Sleeve? - A popular type of adult toy for lovers looking enhance sexual intercourse, it makes ordinary sex feel different and super amazing! Learn how to use penile sleeves here first.
  • What is Pegging? - One of the trendiest sex activities for couples in the USA. Discover the types of sex toys for pegging. Grab your lover, learn about pegging and discover something new today!
  • How to Use Kegel Balls - Kegel weights, trainers & balls have been used by females for centuries to help with incontinence after childbirth, but also perfect for hands free sexual arousal when you're feeling frisky.

How to Use Sex Toys Videos

If you want a quick overview on using the most popular styles of sex toys without needing to read full details, these video clips are perfect for you! It's simply not enough to say “use your imagination”, to properly use a sex toy, there are important tips all beginners should know. Watch these video demonstrations with your partner to get you started on how to properly use adult toys for the utmost comfort and superior sexual enjoyment.

How to Use a Vibrator

This demo is for gals who have never inserted a vaginal vibrator before. Learn the definition of a vibrator here! It is the most basic way to enjoy a vibrator, and offers a few tips to make your first time experience more enjoyable.

Most notably, lubricating the shaft is the most important tip you'll take away from these instructions, followed by techniques to handle it in a smooth flowing rhythmic motion. I also jiggle it around in a rotating, gyrating motion.

This adds pressure inside the vagina and increases the massaging sensation that makes a climax feel oh-so wonderful. This is why vibrators are also known as “personal massagers”!

How to Use a Dildo

It seems so simple, yet the secret to enjoying sex with a dildo is a rhythmic motion that imitates sexual intercourse. How to use a dildo? Contrary to what you may have seen in adult films, fast forceful movements are not a proper technique for female sexual pleasure!

I show that you must also lubricate the labia and spread the labia apart before inserting the dildos head. Even with a small beginners dildo such as this one, it's important to ease it into the body gradually with slower thrusting motion.

You're distributing the lube and making it slippery from end to end. Jiggle it around and stimulate, rub or press the clitoris at the same time to enhance pleasure and even reach a great orgasm!

How to Use a Clit Sex Toy

I wish clit toys were more popular, they are such a fun sex toy for partners to use during foreplay. I believe that adults simply don't know proper handling techniques.

This tiny massager does wonders for the clitoris and the long flexible tongue teases the vagina. It's one of my favorite choices for females with a low libido who think adult toys are naughty or taboo, because it has a highly charged erotic sensation packed into such a tiny discreet device!

Although all clit sex toys are created differently, the concepts are similar. They can be used solely on the clit, and used around the vaginal entrance to stimulate an erotic response and help the body relax and prepare for sex.

How to Use a Clit Sucker

One of the less common adult toys for women, the clit sucker is a prime choice for those who enjoy powerful clit suction, stimulation and massage. If you love powerful sexual stimulation, the pump is the best toy for you!

They are not a device that produces an orgasm on its own, rather they are incorporated into foreplay to help get the body in the mood for sexual intercourse.

Couples use them together to help the woman produce natural lubrication on her own, and exotic dancers use them to “puff” up the clitoris before going on stage. If you already have a big collection of adult toys, adding a clit pump is a logical next step!

How to Use a Rabbit Vibrator

There are 5 different ways to use a rabbit. There are more steps and secret techniques here than with any other type of vibrator. In this video I quickly cycle through the 5 steps in order, but you don't need to follow them one by one to reach an orgasm.

I published a comprehensive article with step by step instructions and more videos & close up pictures explaining exactly how the rabbit should be situated next to the body for maximum impact. In this video demo, you can plainly see how the spinning beads gyrate and rotate under full throttle.

Now imagine how good this feels while you're in the throes of a powerful orgasm. This is the complete explanation of why the rabbit is the best sex toy for women of all time. It's totally heavenly, that's for sure (and yes, I have my own large personal stash of rabbit sex toys!)

How to Use a Bullet Vibrator

The most important device for female sexual pleasure, the bullet is capable of producing an orgasm in seconds. No other sex toy is capable of such a feat.

There are several different techniques that feel amazing such as lifting the clitoral hood and pushing the device underneath for direct forceful contact, spreading the labia and laying it over the vagina entrance (what a fabulous tease!)

Tone down the strength and use it with your partner to warm up the body by laying down the device over the labia majora and letting the buzz spread throughput the pubis. Even though some bullets are small, others wide and large, the techniques are all similar. Oh and also try it on the nipples too!

How to Use a Finger Vibrator

Men and women often ask me how to use sex toys together to make foreplay more fun. Finger vibrators are the remedy for a boring sex life. In a long, loving and established marriage, sex becomes routine.

These tiny personal massagers are useful for incorporating a more playful attitude in the bedroom. The position of my hand in this video cycles through several options that rely on using your fingers and thumb to massage all her erogenous zones including clitoris, vagina, perineum and the anus.

It's literally a wholesome sexual experience and a fun way to explore each others bodies. Couples also use the finger sex toy on the nipples too, so add on a blindfold to your purchase and make your erotic night one to remember.

How to Use Anal Sex Toys

There are dozens of anal toy designs, you can't really learn how to use all anal toys from watching only one video. I picked a generic unisex anal dildo for my demonstration just to show you what it looks like and give the customer a general idea of what to expect when using one for the first time.

This is only the tip of the iceberg in anal sex pleasure however, anal benefits men mostly because the male prostate gland is located in the rectum, and most butt plugs are designed to stimulate his prostate, also known as P Spot.

Ladies benefit from anal toys during sex because the muscle clenching contractions of a female orgasm reach all the way around to the anus, so a toy such as this one will vastly increase her orgasm strength.

How to use a Butt Plug

Why use a butt plug? The pressure from behind during sex amplifies the strength of your orgasm. It has the same effect for him and her. While the body experiences orgasmic muscle contractions, the sensation of having something in the anus gives the muscles something else to clench around.

That's powerful stuff, if you've never tried a butt plug before you're missing out on something special. I demonstrate how the base can be positioned, either vertically or horizontally. The vertical position allows deeper penetration.

If you want to leave room for vaginal insertion (either from your partner's penis, or sexual toy) position the base horizontally to allow more room for vaginal access. Most adults wear a butt plug during sex, but I recommend that you try it during masturbation too, they are excellent companions with adult accessories!

How to Use Nipple Suckers

Never underestimate the orgasmic potential of nipple play! Learn how to use nipple suckers in my recent blog post that features a close up photo of all different types of suckers and pumps that we have available for sale online. Nipple suckers and pumps harness the power of vacuum suction and stick to the nipples providing the wearer with consistent suction.

They stay in place hands free allowing you to enjoy masturbation, foreplay or sex with your lover. You'll feel a tingle as the blood rushes into the areola which in turn heightens sexual stimulation and enhances your erotic response.

There's a reason why nipples are a powerful erogenous area for him & her. Nipple stimulators are common erotic accessory for both guys and gals, in this hands on demonstration I show two different types of suckers and show how well they stick once the vacuum suction is placed over the areola.

How to Use a Masturbator

Masturbators are the most discreet and simple style of male sex toy, and in my opinion, all guys need one. Unfortunately, masturbation sleeves are misunderstood because in all the photos on our website, the entry hole looks like a pinpoint.

Guys don't buy masturbators because they think they won't fit. That's likely why online searches are up for "how to use male sex toys" This video clearly shows that once well lubricated, a man's erection will fit inside because the material stretches so much.

The silicone or jelly material hugs his cock with a soft, comforting wrapper that feels better than his hand while stroking. A cheap masturbator like this one even has beads inside the jelly to boost his pleasure. Jerking off has never been so fun, you don't even need to spend a fortune to get a good maturbator for men.

How to Use a Pocket Pussy

The most popular of all sex toys for men, yet still so taboo. If men only knew how many pocket pussies we sell, they wouldn't feel so shamed of buying one of their own. I demonstrate a basic pocket pussy here, it's not even a high end expensive style.

This is one of the cheapest ones we sell. Notice how soft it looks, and now realistic the lips move when the dildo is thrust in and out. For guys thinking about trying a masturbator for the first time, the pocket pussy is best style that recreates the feeling of sex with a woman.

Men also worry about their cock poking out of the open end, but the you can clearly see in my video demo how the surface stretches over the length of the erection and maintains full coverage the entire time.

How to Use a Vibrating Ring

When couples are shopping online for sexual enhancers, vibrating penis rings are often passed by. They look solid and painful to wear. I dispel that myth immediately by stretching it with my fingers. They are very stretchy!

Wipe a drop of lube around the interior of the ring and slide it over his penis. The vibrating stimulator, in this case a butterfly, can be positioned on top to contact her clitoris during deep penetrations, or positioned on the bottom (above the scrotum) to vibrate on her perineum and his testicles during lovemaking.

A vibrating cock ring is one of the most budget friendly sex toys to try. Furthermore, men can wear them while masturbation alone, he places the vibrator over top of the scrotum.

How to Use a Penis Ring

One of the most common myths is that penis rings fit too tight and are uncomfortable for the partner to wear. While true that some constrict tightly to maintain an erection for men with erectile dysfunction, most are stretchy enough to fit all men's penis sizes.

The dual style penis ring demonstrated here is a discreet sexual aid for men. If you're wondering if the ring you want to buy is stretchy or stiff, read the product description because I mention this feature in each one.

The slight squeeze feels great, it lifts up his scrotum making the package look bigger and having loop around the testicles is a powerful sexual enhancer for him. It makes ejaculations feel stronger. Want a secret pleasure tip? I suggest men wear a penis ring during solo masturbation, they're not just for sex!

How to Put on a Penis Sleeve

Couples who contact me and ask advice on ways to spice up the sex life often end up with a penis sleeve in their shopping cart. It makes lovemaking feel different. Both partners will experience a soft, unique feeling padding during intercourse.

Not all penis sleeves are designed to make his dick bigger or longer, they are also for erotic enhancement in the bedroom. This sleeve is the best example of how sleeves are for intimate enhancement, not just penis enlargement.

They stretch to fit any size, but a little drop of lube inside will help it to slide on (with a helping hand as shown in the video demo) – but be careful not to add to much lube or the sleeve can fall off. You mist keep it mostly dry and it will stay on during sex.

Where to Buy Sex Toys, Storing, Cleaning & More!

Now that you've learned how to use sex toys, you're ready to pick your new favorite intimate bedroom accessory! So now the question arises where to buy sex toys? In each article you can view my personal listing of “10 best sex toys” and have confidence knowing that you've selected a good one.

Why buy sex toys with us? As you can see from the informational content, we have more experience & expertise than anyone else and know what works, and what does not. We have a warranty to back up every purchase and have all the accessories needed to properly clean & store your new purchase to keep it in tip-top shape for future kinky encounters anytime you're feeling frisky.

Click to buy adult sex toys online.

Mayla Green

Mayla Green has been involved in the sex toy industry since 2004. Working behind the motto “Sex TOYS should be FUN”, Mayla provides unique tips & advice amassed from over a decade of hands on experience with adult products. She also coaches clients how to fully enjoy sexual pleasure and can be seen in major publications & magazines online.

Happily married since 2009, she knows firsthand how the sex life eventually becomes repetitive (which truthfully means boring), so if you're looking to spice things up in the bedroom, Mayla's your gal! Her literary pride & joy is covering topics for established couples needing inspiration to keep lovemaking exciting and fun.

Not in a relationship? Her other focus is teaching women how to properly handle the “little person in the canoe” to experience the best orgasms ever, no partner required! Her creative and innovative tips, techniques and advice is on par with a certified sex therapist or Sexologist, but with an extra advantage from her knowledge of the adult toy business.

View all articles published by Mayla Green exclusively for The Adult Toy Shop sex blog. Mayla Green's Linkedin profile highlights her professional background, experience and training.

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