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Slim & Small Dildos

Our small dildos have thin gentle shafts best suited for first timers or petite women. It's our top suggestion for beginners or seniors who find anything else too intimidating. Slim dildos are also popular anal pegging toys for couples. Most are realistic, but some vibrate or have fun colors and non-phallic shapes for more discretion.

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  1. Slim Suction Penis Dildo
    Slimline Series Skinny Dildo
    $15.65 $19.99 You Save $4.34
  2. Mini Whopper Tiny Realistic Dildo
    Mini Whopper Small Dildo
    $25.13 $30.99 You Save $5.86
  3. X5 Mini Silicone Dildo with balls
    X5 Mini Dildo Sex Toy
    $14.68 $18.99 You Save $4.31
  4. Blue Ballsy Super Slim Dildo
    Blue Ballsy Super Slim Dildo
    $14.57 $17.99 You Save $3.42
  5. Junior Beginners Dong
    Junior Thin Dildo for Beginners
    $17.62 $21.99 You Save $4.37
  6. Ballsy Flexible Dildo
    Ballsy Soft Flexible Dildo for Women
    $24.29 $29.99 You Save $5.70
  7. Soft Dildo with Flexible Spine
    Soft Dildo with Flexible Spine
    $12.14 $24.49 You Save $12.35
  8. Life Likes Beginner Dildo
    Life Likes Beginner Dildo
    $27.44 $33.99 You Save $6.55
  9. Basically Yours Small Suction Cup Dildo
    Basic Slim Life Like Dildo
    $16.19 $19.99 You Save $3.80
  10. King Cock Small American Dildo
    6 Inch King Cock Small Dildo Sex Toy
    $27.33 $33.99 You Save $6.66
  11. Carlito Mini Brown Flexible Dildo
    Carlito Little Real Feel Dildo
    $19.24 $23.99 You Save $4.75
  12. B Yours Gel Small Dildo
    B Yours Gel Small Dildo
    $16.19 $19.99 You Save $3.80
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Items 1-20 of 70


Buying the Best Small Dildo

In order to create the ultimate selection of small dildos for sale, first we have to understand why people want to buy such a slim or small dildo in the first place! In you fall into any of the following criteria, these tiny toys are perfect for you!

  • You're a Beginner
  • Most customers shopping for the first time will gravitate towards something with a skinny shaft and thin girth. The mini dildo has the least threatening stance and is also a popular adult gift idea for the beginner who wants to try sex toys for the first time. A realistic little penis dildo looks so cute and friendly, it's easy to love!

  • Thin Girths For Petite Women
  • We don't need to give an anatomy lesson to explain why short or tiny women prefer slender toys! We list some of the smallest dildos ever made, including those that are very thin, with a micro 1 inch girth. Slimline shafts are much more enjoyable for petite women, as are ones that stand 5 or 4 inches and shorter.

  • Senior Shoppers
  • Seniors are a growing segment of our customer base, and they have unique needs. Tender love is essential, therefore our soft and slim dildos are the best choice for those needing comfort. The realistic penis shaped small dildo is one of our best sellers, and slender vibrating dildos offer an extra boost of sexual pleasure, and is not surprisingly, a top selling feature.

  • Back Door Beginners
  • The short and slender anal dildo is the top choice for someone interested in trying back door exploration. Even though these are originally intended for vaginal use by women, men are purchasing toys from this category to use solo during masturbation. Couples are buying narrow and slimline styles to use for pegging. The long and slender types are the best option to purchase as they are the most comfortable to insert.

Selection of Small Dildos
Mini yet mighty!

2 Types of Small Dildos:

  1. Short and Stout
  2. Most commonly made to look life like, but micro sized! These often have suction cups and some even vibrate. They are basically a regular sized sex toy shrunken into a tiny little package. Ratios are still the same, however you'll find some that are circumcised with little mushroom heads and others are uncircumcised with thin foreskin on the shaft.

  3. Long and Skinny
  4. These are a popular choice for anal use because they are very long but also extra skinny. If you're looking for the world's thinnest dildo, our super slender toys are the best choices to buy because they are soft and extra thin, typically no more than 1 inch wide. Of course they are great for vaginal use too because if you're looking for a dildo the size of a finger, these are your ultimate mini dildo!

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