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Real Feel Dildos

Real skin dildos are the highest quality and most realistic feeling of all sex toys for women. The real feel dildo is designed to recreate the warmth, real life density and softness of a man's erection. Dual density dildos have flesh layers that feel just like realistic skin. Simply the best!

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The Real Feel Dildo Difference

If you love luxury and high quality realistic skin sex toys, you should absolutely buy a real feel dildo. The secret to the real life pleasure is dual density dildo layers which provide the most realistic feeling experience of any female sex toy.

The most realistic dildo is designed specifically to imitate real skin, the surface has a powdery, delicate texture that feels warm compared to any other adult toy in your collection. If you want to shop for a sex toy that feels real life, choose one of these perfect flesh like real feel dildos and bask in the epitome of sexual fantasies.

The vast majority of real skin dildos for sale are available in an anatomically correct size to recreate the feeling of sexual intercourse. If you want it to feel as true as possible, it's best to purchase one of an “average” erection size, about 6 inches long and 1 1/2 inches diameter.

Tomas Vibe
Soft & sensual vibrating real skin dildo.

There are many small & thin options for beginners, petite women & seniors. Of course we have an ample selection of thick, wide & large and large skin like dildos for fulfilling a kinky fantasy of sex with a porn star. If your actual partner isn't quite hung enough to give you the extra stretch you crave, buy one of these bad boys and it will surely deliver!

The best real skin dildos don't need to break the bank account. We've sourced some cheap ones for sale to provide the best combination of luxury, high quality and value. These real cock dildos have one feature in common however, a soft and warm skin like dual layer surface.

Some have dual density layer skin with a dense core and malleable layer on top to replicate the cozy feel of sex. If you're looking for a true real life like experience, purchase one of these amazing creations on sale today.

If you'd prefer one that has more emphasis on appearance over feel, select one from the realistic dildos listing where you'll find a wider range of materials. They are slightly firmer compared to the toys you can buy from this category. Scroll to the bottom of that page and read about the differences between the two formats.

The Dual Density Real Skin Dildo Experience

Realistic skin dildos have a softer touch than any other style, they are tailor made for smooth, sensual goodness and perform best when thrust slowly. Because the silicone surface is soft and malleable, they are not toys intended for hard thrusting. If you handle it too rough, the shaft can bend or buckle under intense pressure.

Dual density dildos are the most comfortable dildos for women and as such are often recommended for seniors who want to enjoy masturbation but need something gentle and sensual to satisfy. You can buy a tiny real feel penis dildo with a flexible shaft, the small ones won't make your partner feel emasculated either!

Ever thought about stepping up in size? Try a large real skin dildo because the even with a thick girth, the soft silicone skin eases into the vagina gently compared to a firm rubber cock of the same thickness. Go big with all pleasure, no pain!

FYI: Be sure to lubricate the surface thoroughly with water base lube before insertion. You'll want to minimize friction with the skin otherwise the material can stretch or form tiny tears on the surface. We advise against using silicone lube because it may react with the surface of the toy can cause it to "melt" over time.

Lube helps with insertion too because the head is often very squishy and soft. It can be tricky to insert the shaft into the vagina if it's not wet and slippery. Once inside however, you're treated to the most luxurious, classy and sophisticated erotic feeling. It's warm, cozy and cushy.

A few products come with a vibrating motor inside the shaft. If you buy a vibrating real feel dildo, you'll likely notice a small solid bump in the shaft. This is the bullet style vibrator that is positioned mid-shaft that spreads vibrations throughout. The vibrating styles tend to operate quietly because the padded silicone absorbs sound waves.

The high end and more expensive products even recreate the texture and touch of a man's balls. Squeeze the soft balls and notice the firm center inside which imitates testicles and a scrotum. Just as in any retail industry, the saying is true that you get what you pay for and the higher priced toys are better quality with improved, accurate realism.

Ultra Skin Dildo
Our best selling real feel dildo.

Buy the Most Realistic Feeling Dildo:

The secret to recreating real skin dildos comes down to a magical feature known as dual density, a true godsend of the sex toy industry. The manufacturer skillfully blends 2 or more layers of silicone with varying densities to form the shape of a penis shaft. The result is a hyper realistic dildo cock that is slightly firmer in the middle, and more malleable and loose on the surface.

When you press your thumb into the surface, you can feel the flesh like top layer move independently from the bottom layer. This simulates a man's erection. The core has sponge like tissue (known as corpora cavernosa in the medical world) which consists of muscles, arteries and veins and when full of blood it results in an erection and stiffens slightly.

When the erection goes flaccid, the arteries have tightened and pushed blood out of the penis and back into the body. The real skin dildo has been crafted to simulate the stiffened tissue of a man's erection and is the most realistic feeling sex toy on the market.

These flesh like dildos are all about the feel, not appearance, and as a result, you'll likely notice that they don't have as much visual detail as some other styles. Silicone does not take to hand painting as easily as rubber, and it's not possible to make finely detailed veins compared to other dildos for sale. Keep the lights off and you'll hardly notice the difference between this and sex with your bed buddy.

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