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Anal Douches & Cleaners

Buy an anal cleaner, douche, or enema cleaning kit discreetly online. Your butt needs help - it does not self-lubricate to clean before or wash after anal sex. An enema bag, shower douche bulb or rectal douching nozzle keeps anal play sanitary.

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Buy Anal Douche Bulbs & Kits Online

We have simple butt cleaner products for men and women to get the job done. Buy shower anal douche systems that hook up to a water faucet and flush through a good dose of back door erotic stimulation while you wash with liquid. We call anal cleaners the best combination of “business and pleasure”!

Both men and women buy anal douche kits to gently insert the enemas nozzle and wash the rectum before and after butt sex. Anal cleaners come in a variety of nozzle styles and bag or bulb configurations.

Anal cleaning kits and systems always include a rectal douche nozzle and bulb to rinse your rectum with water before sex to flush out contaminants that can leave unpleasant smells or reside from poop or fecal matter on your anal sex toys, butt plugs, bed sheets, or your partner (gross!)

Shower douche cleaners are mostly used to flush away anal lube after sex or using a butt plug. The reusable douche bulb is a more simplified version which also uses water, but you don't need to go in the shower to rinse your butt (although many women and men prefer doing it in the over the toilet just to prevent a mess from dirty water splashing all over your bedroom!)

Water & Shower Enema Before Anal Sex

Enema kits are the most common anal douche products for sale. We have simple water enema bags for sale that hook to your shower curtain rod, but also full shower enema systems that screw to your tap.

These water enema kits flush through continuously when you turn on the faucet. The unlimited water flow provides sexual pleasure, so these are used as pleasure devices, not just anal cleaners.

Some are curved to reach the male prostate, others are beaded for erotic pleasure just like your favorite anal toys.

Anal Cleaner Bags with Douche Nozzles

Anal enema bulbs and bags for sale include a nozzle, some kits include several anal douche nozzles. These screw or snap onto the enema bag or bulb.

The various nozzle designs often imitate the shape and curve of prostate toys or butt dildos so males and females can use them as a source of sexual pleasure.

Squeeze the bulb and flush water through the nozzle to enjoy the squeaky clean feel and the erotic sensation of wager flushing through the rectum. The best butt douche products bring a little bit of fun to back door play and help you warm up and relax before anal sex.

Use anal cleaners again after intercourse to wash away silicone lube, which won't flush out on its own. Rectal cleaning is very important for your butt hygiene regimen.

Types of Anal Cleaners

  • Anal douche - Rectal douching with hot water before anal play is the best way to reduce fecal matter leftover from your previous bowel movement.
  • Vaginal douche - An enema bag with nozzle can be used by women to rinse the vagina before sex. Don't use soap or you can disrupt the natural PH of the vagina.
  • Enema kit - A shower enema is used for pleasure by most people as the insertion of the nozzle and the douche of liquid in the anus is sexually stimulating.

Anal Douching Tips

Here are some guidelines on the best way to use an anal douche to clean the rectum before sex:

Using an enema bag that hooks up to a shower enema could be problematic if the water pressure is too high. There is an increased risk of straining rectal tissue if the water temperature is too hot or the water pressure is too strong.

Alternatively, you can fill and use a hand held anal douche bulb with liquid then apply and proper lubrication before anal play and receptive anal intercourse without concern of shower water pressure. Hand held enemas with a tip have limited force and these are much easier to use anyway. It's our top anal douche suggestion for beginners.

Use your anal cleaning kit and gently insert the reusable rubber bulb before anal sex and flush the colon and anus. Soap is not needed to wash, simply warm water will do!

To prevent spills from your enema bag, you can use it over the toilet. people prefer that or using in in the tub or shower and you don't have to worry about how much water or liquid needed to expel the poop from the anus. Squeeze the bulb and feces will simply drain into the toilet bowl.

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