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Ultimate Douche

Economical anal cleaning system with 2 flushing tips.

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This is the finest economical hygienic system for adults. Includes a plastic water container and 2 screw-on tips. The flexible plastic dispenser squirts water upwards when squeezed.

When the tips are screwed on, the entire unit has the correct angle for easy self-insertion. Both tips have the same shape, except one is thicker than the other. Each cleaning tip 4 holes punctured in the middle; this placement disperses water evenly.

Bottle Length:
4 3/4 inches
Tip Length:
4 3/4 inches
Small Tip Diameter:
Slightly under 1/2 an inch
Large Tip Diameter:
3/8 an inch
Latex Free: Yes
Phthalates Free:

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