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Glass Butt Plugs

Glass butt plugs feel considerably different than any other type of anal toy. Glass anal plugs feel heavy with an unforgiving structure and seamless glide that combines to create one of the most erotic sensations to enhance your sexual pleasure. Glass anal beads are intense solid beaded butt dildos for a wildly stimulating “hump in the rump”!

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Buy Glass Butt Plugs of All Sizes

Glass butt plugs feel amazing. There is less friction with a glass anal plug than any other sex toy material so it's easy to insert into the anus. Of course a good dollop of thick lube helps it to “pop” in the sphincter before you even know it.

You'll appreciate the smooth glide and kinky weighted feel back there during masturbation, foreplay or penetrative sex. Small spade shaped plugs with a thin neck are comfortable for beginners. Large and flared plugs that maximize rectal stretch are frequently an expert's favorite anal toy in their sex toy box.

Glass anal toys are non-porous and easily sanitized, in fact, glass anal plugs are a completely hypoallergenic option that can be fully sterilized and shared with your lover.

Glass sex toys are the best choice for germophobes and those with sensitive skin or allergies to other commonly used materials. Once you buy the best glass butt plug, you'll be hooked!

Classy & Fancy Glass Anal Plugs

The glass rose butt plug is a stylish and super feminine option that brings class and elegance to your anal toy play. To have a rose, flower or sparkling gem poke out from the derriere gives your lover and enticing glance, subtle yet sexually charged. You'll feel like a goddess strutting your stuff across the room as your partner drools with sexual anticipation.

It's a supremely sexy visual image that adorns your body with erotic elegance. Many of our glass anal plugs are made for women as they are tinted pink for feminine style. These flower and rose shaped pink glass butt plugs are hand blown pieces of art, each one is unique!

If you're looking for something a bit more hardcore, the solid surface of small and large glass anal dildos has a neat poke that contrast completely the spade shape of a butt plug. If you enjoy movement in the butt these twisted or bumpy and curved prostate massagers and probes are not to be missed!

Some anal dildos have artistic colors and huge swirled shapes that look amazing, not only are they used as sexual pleasure enhancers for men and women, but they are beautiful pieces of art.

Glass Anal Beads: The WOW Factor You've Been Looking For

If you enjoy the sensation of anal beads being pulled at the onset of orgasm, glass anal beads take that pleasure and amplify it to thrilling levels. Glass anal beads prolong the pleasure too.

Unlike a traditional strand of anal beads that require patience and clever handiwork to insert completely, the solid Pyrex or borosilicate anal beads can be thrust in and out like a dildo in the butt. These are perfect for kinky foreplay and experiment action with your lover.

Glass Anal Toy Experience

If you've been wondering, glass butt plugs are safe to use. They are not thin or weakly built like a window pane. They are heavy duty, solid and resist cracking and shattering and are built exactly like Pyrex dishware.

Glass anal plugs, toys and butt dildos will not break or fall apart. In fact, they often last a lifetime and are far more durable than any other kind of adult sex toy for sale.

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