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10 Types of Male Sex Toys to Satisfy all Your Desires

10 Types of Male Sex Toys to Satisfy all Your Desires

There are several different types of male sex toys, so how do you know which one you should try first? You've just set your eyes upon the ultimate male sex toys buyers guide.

How can there possibly be 10 types of sex toys for men to stick a dick into? Constantly on the quest to make masturbation feel better, adult toy makers create unique stroker devices with quirky, unimaginable features for guys looking to buy male sex toys. Some types of male sex toys are are fined tuned for supreme masturbation enjoyment for guys who like to jack off in style.

The best male masturbators also combine business with pleasure – some styles are made to help guys with erectile difficulties, prolong sex and make erections harder. Other strokers are simply used for a fast hand job in the morning. My one-of-a-kind top rated male sex toys guide lists the best sex toys for men to fulfill any sexual desire a guy could have.

1. Pocket Pussy

Latin Lusty Bottom

This is the most commonly known and best selling type of male sex toy. Made to re-create the realistic feel & visual appeal of intercourse with a woman, the pocket pussy is the stereotypical masturbator type that every guy must try. They can be classified into 2 types: Palm size and life size.

The full size pocket pussy & ass is the biggest and most extravagant sex toy for men. Not surprisingly, its the finest and most realistic experience a guy can get. The full sized replicas recreate the exact shape, dimples and detail of a real woman's pussy.

Do you wonder why the fake pussy looks so perfect? A woman squats in a plaster mold, the mold fills with a skin-like silicone blend to firm and the toy is hand painted and detailed.

The easiest way to use the full sized model is to lay it down on a table or hold it perpendicular to your body and insert from a steep angle. (Take a peek at more pocket pussy tips). It is a complete visual treat for the senses, move the thighs, and it looks like she's writhing in pleasure.

The exit tunnel is on top. Prop the masturbator on a bathroom counter & face the exit tunnel over the sink for easy clean up. The anus and pussy tunnels join in the center of the device. Often, the anus is tighter than the vagina to simulate anal sex.

The Most Realistic Sex Toy for Men

The realistic palm sized pocket pussy combines portability with realism to make one of the best sex toys for men money can buy. Any reader is probably not surprised to hear this. For a first timer we have a couple interesting details to mention that are not obvious from looking at a picture:

Firstly, the pocket pals made from soft silicone will behave like real skin. The most realistic looking styles have vagina lips that move and stretch around the erection in the same fashion as a real woman's lips move during intercourse. This small feature has a huge impact on your visual pleasure.

Secondly, the tunnels have long ticklers or a ribbed texture adding a subtle feel during penetration. The tunnel format is idea; for customization, squeeze tighter for a virgin-like feel or let it lay in your hands for loose, fast thrusting. A pussy with anus has two holes that conjoin into the same tunnel after about 2 inches or so.

Alexis Vibrating Pocket Pussy

Alexis Vibrating Pussy - $28

Realistic feeling pocket pussy with vibrator that tucks into a separate pouch.

Cloud 9 Pocket Pussy

Cloud 9 Pocket Pussy - $16

Best selling cheap pocket pussy for men with a sensually textured interior.

2. Penis Extensions & Sleeves

Slugger Penis Sleeves

Honestly, all penis extensions are sleeves, but it's not necessarily the same in the reverse order. A penis sleeve is a device that slides over a man's erection, and a penis extension is a sleeve with a tip that extends his length anywhere between ¼ inch to 4 inches.

Penis sleeves provide sexual pleasure for both partners during penetrative sex. Learn how to use a cock sleeve here first, there's several insider secrets you need to know!

Some sleeves are thickly padded on the sides to add girth, anywhere between 1/4 inch to 2 inches. In the search filters, you can select between added length and added girth. There are dozens of potential combinations!

Learn more about the best penis sleeves and/or cock sleeves in my blog post here. It's updated often with new releases & best sellers to keep the content fresh for you!

/or The most common (and best selling) style of penis sleeve & cock extensions are made of silicone and feel soft and malleable like real skin. The second most popular style is made of rubber or gel and has texture, a ribbed surface or bumps.

Cock extensions provide texture for the partner similar to a textured condom. Speaking of condoms, penis sleeves are never a substitute for a condom. The do not prevent the transmission of STD's and they do not prevent pregnancy. They are purely a sexual novelty only.

Vibrating Cock Sleeves for Better Pleasure

Certain styles vibrate – there are two possible placements for the vibrators. The first position is near the base of the sleeve. This vibrates near his testicles and stimulates the base of the shaft. The partner will feel the vibrations during the deepest penetrations which is an incentive to go deep!

The second placement is in the tip of the extension. The self contained vibrator stimulates the penis head and offers deep vibrations for the partner. Check out our users guide to penis sleeves that vibrate for full details about how to put on and use these types of cock sleeves for men.

Some sleeves have a flexible loop attached to the base of the device. This strap hooks around the scrotum to help keep the sleeve in place. Even though they won't slide off the erection as long as you don't get the interior wet, they can move or rotate during intercourse. Penis extender toy reviews & results are here for you to scan through too.

The testicle strap helps to keep the device in place. Additionally, they provide pleasure for the man because the loop applies gentle pressure behind the scrotum. The penis sleeve with a strap is one of our best selling types of male sex toys.

Ribbed Cock Sleeve

Ribbed Cock Sleeve - $15

An open tip cock sleeve with ball strap adds stimulation without removing all sensations during sex.

Size Matters Realistic Extender

Size Matters Extender - $55

The most realistic penis extension sleeve for men with soft curved tip for easy vaginal insertion.

3. Masturbation Sleeves

Honcho Masturbation Sleeve

The basic cheap masturbator type that every guy should own, masturbation sleeves are often made from a floppy silicone blend and are a simple way to feel good.

The photos can be slightly misleading as the pinhole sized entry point seems impossible to penetrate, but rest assured they are all highly flexible, feeling similar to dense non-sticky jello.

All masturbation sleeves require lubricant to prevent the material from tearing. Commonly open on the end, ejaculate will squirt out the back, so we suggest using masturbator sleeves in the shower.

Some styles have rows of plastic beads planted along the sleeves length. Inserting the penis stretches the material, forcing the beads to come into contact and roll back and forth as the hand thrusts, forever embedded inside with a layer between the beads and the skin, there will not be a chafing feel rather a very cool knuckle-like feeling rolling over the entire length of the shaft. 

Oral Pleasure Sex Toys for Men

Any male stroker sex toy with a closed end will create suction. It is a real life example of physics in motion. Each thrust inwards forces force air outwards. Once the erection is fully penetrated into the sleeve, withdrawing it slightly creates vacuum suction on the tip of the penis.

The blowjob sex toy is the ultimate way to simulate a blow job. Most suction devices do not look different than any other sleeve so to determine which ones create this effect, we have created a classification on the right side menu. Click the “suction” filter.

More recently, masturbators with interesting ridged and bumpy chambers are commonly seen. For a lifelike feel, we have some of the most realistic masturbators listed here.

The chambers increase the suction capability and make the sides stick like cling wrap. Combine this with lubricant and continuous thrusting and it is a wet wild ride. With closed ends, it is easier to use these anywhere, ejaculate is collected in the end.

Stretch the mouth open slightly and run liquid hand soap and water through to wash and rinse. Priced competitively for the extreme amount of pleasure delivered; we place beaded sleeves high on a pedestal and if we were magicians, we would teleport a beaded stroker toy into every man's bedside table. Yes, they are that good.

Jackits Male Masturbation Toy

Jackits Masturbation Toy - $11

Get good orgasms on the cheap. Our absolute favorite hand held male sex toy.

Apollo Masturbation Sleeve

Apollo Masturbation Sleeve - $32

Best selling extra soft sex toy for men with heavily ribbed tunnel for better pleasure.

4. Prostate Male Sex Toys

Ignite Prostate Toy

This type of male sex toy is lesser known, but rapidly increasing in popularity. Prostate toys are designed solely to stimulate the prostate gland. Prostate sex toys have a curved shaft that reaches the P-Spot during anal penetration.

The prostate is located about 2 inches inside the anus facing the front, so a guy doesn't need anything too long in order to reach it. A long handled P Spot toy is simply for easier handling and maneuverability while being used alone.

It can be cumbersome to try and maneuver an anal toy yourself, so the extra length helps.

We like to suggest that men incorporate these into foreplay – to have your partner handle the device helps to improve prostate stimulation and it's a fun way to experiment sexually with your partner.

Vibrating Prostate Stimulators

One of the finest features on any prostate toy is a vibrating motor! The buzzing vastly improves the strength of ejaculations. Stimulating the prostate during masturbation is commonly known as prostate milking and has health benefits in addition to sexual pleasure.

Many guys may feel squeamish about inserting something into their butt, so we have several options are are very thin and small to make a first timer feel more comfortable using a prostate vibrator. Check out the anal plugs category or click here to learn what is an anal butt plug for to find out how it can boost your orgasmic pleasure.

Be sure to check the filters on the menu and select “small” to see all the choices that are suitable for a beginner. For more information about how to use prostate toys, check the bottom of the product list page, there is a section of Q's & A's that address all the common questions we've received.

5. Dildos for Men

Mini Curved

Although most would consider dildos for men as a gay sex toy, straight men use them too. The simple explanation is that the shape of a shaft topped with a mushroom shaped tip provides incredible anal pleasure.

The secret is out - anal toys are not just for women & gay men, everyone benefits from the stimulation of anal play. This category is filled with medium and large sizes so the intermediate and advanced user will delight at this selection.

The most popular types have a flat base or a suction cup. They can be worn in a strap on harness which instantly transforms it into a pegging toy (review our pegging sex toys guide here). When used alone, it's simply an anal toy!

We've combined realistic dildos for men along with anal toys that we find suitable for this category. As a result, the shopper can discover a new realm of sex toys for men in various styles that you won't see gathered anywhere else. It's one of our areas of expertise – we have experience with all of these sex toys so we can compile the most unique and most original list for our customers.

Types of Male Sex Toys for Anal Play

The inflatable dildo is also one that can be categorized under this type of male sex toy. For advanced users, the best way to enjoy a maximum stretch is to insert an anal toy as a medium size girth and inflate it once it's passed through the delicate sphincter.

This is the best way to enjoy a large size without risking damage to the anus. Small and thin inflatable anal probes are also a popular toy for men because they are ideally suited to a beginner.

The curious guy enjoys experimenting with these smaller anal toys because they insert so gently into the anus. Once you inflate the balloon, the probe fills the rectum and creates a tingling pressure just inside the sphincter.

This pressure greatly enhances the strength and enjoyment of orgasms. When our husbands tested these blow up anal toys, they reported that ejaculations felt stronger because of the consistent pressure back there. Therefore, this is totally something we'd recommend!

Strap on Sex Toys for Guys with ED

There is a sub type that should be mentioned before we proceed however; it's referring to the attachment that men wear with a harness. For guys with ED or couples who want to try something super kinky will shop for a strap on dildo for men, but often it's tricky to know which types can be worn a guys until the harness fit is fully understood.

Not all harnesses are suitable for guys, many are solely for women but we have some unique tips and advice on couples who shop for types of adult toys for men to wear. This sex blog entry details all the different types of male strap ons and explains how to wear them and suggests fun uses in the bedroom.

Apollo Male Prostate Massager

Apollo Prostate Massager - $20

Smooth prostate stimulator perfect beginners who are curious what prostate play feel like.

Tapered Anal Training Kit

Tapered Anal Training Kit - $27

A set of three incremental sizes of black silicone butt plugs for men perfect for anal play.

6. Pegging Sex Toys for Men

Beginner Strap On

This is a trend for couples that's increasing in popularity every day. Strap ons for pegging are a newer addition and we've had so much fun compiling this list of products for couples to enjoy.

If you've wondered what is pegging, be sure to read our comprehensive guide that explains what is pegging in sex. Find out everything you've ever wondered about this playful couples sex act. This type of male sex toy guide is a must read!

This section can be classified into 2 types of sex toys for men: First is the strap on harness the “giver” wears. They attach a butt plug or prostate toy to the front of the harness and penetrate the man in the anus.

This is a great way to develop your communication skills – you'll need to pay attention to what he's saying because this act requires a tender touch and gentle movement! All joking aside, once you've found a rhythm to move together, it's highly erotic.

We suggest that the partner wearing the pegging strap on uses their hands to give him a hand job. Wrap the arms around the body in a caressing motion and move your hand up & down his erection in tune with the movements of your hips thrusting the strap on.

The second type of pegging toy is the dildo. Not all pegging dildos need to be attached to a strap on harness to qualify, the partner can control it during intercourse or masturbation. It's a common addition to foreplay too. We have pegging items from all categories across the website and most are compatible with a harness if you choose to take it to the next level of interactive sharing.

7. Hollow Strap Ons

Jock Strap Hollow

These useful inventions are made for men with erectile dysfunction. Hollow strap ons fit around his waist and thighs with a nylon strap or an elastic waistband and are designed to be used for hands-free sexual intercourse.

The space between the legs is open so that his penis and scrotum can hang freely below. The specialized design of the waistband prevents chafing and makes it comfortable for him to wear. Hollow strap on dildos have a small opening inside the core that supports his un-erect penis.

Please note that there is not enough space inside to hold a semi-erect or a fully erect penis, so they are only for men with ED. The exterior is rigid enough for penetration and they do not buckle during sexual intercourse.

In comparison to the penis sleeve, sleeves require an erection to work since the material is soft and floppy, but the hollow toys are stiff and do not require an erection for support.

Larger-Than-Life Penetrative Sex

Hollow dildos are also a popular choice for men who wan to give their partner the feel of wide and thick penetrations because the diameter of the device is typically thicker than a penis, or even a standard sized option for that matter. As such, we must make customers aware that the dimensions may be larger than a lady is used to, so if this is the case, we suggest trying a unisex harness instead.

In this case, his penis and testicles dangle below the crotchless opening. This is a vast topic with lots of hints, tips and first hand, real world advice that only an expert would know. I have written a hollow dildo guide to help customers make a decision about which style suits them, to answer the most common questions, and provide information on how they work.

8. Vibrating Cock Rings

Ecstasy Vibrating Ring

When a man is shopping for a unique surprise for his partner, the vibrating penis ring is one of my favorite suggestions. These small, hands-free devices are a simple way to enhance sexual pleasure during lovemaking.

There are several different variations worth mentioning: The rings either fit tightly or loosely around the base of the shaft. The constriction ring fits tight to help a guy with soft or short lived erections. The tighter fitting ring maintains an erection for longer. As such, they should not be worn longer than 20 minutes at a time or the ring could cause suffocation.

Senior men benefit from wearing a tight fitting vibrating penis ring because the vibration feels good for him and helps the erection stay perky. The combination of a tight fitting ring plus vibration gives him a great boost to his sexual prowess!

I jokingly call it combining business and pleasure. The loose style is worn strictly for sexual enhancement and will not affect his erection. Since this ring fits loosely, it can be worn for an indefinite period of time, and feels more comfortable around his shaft.

Different Types of Male Sex Toy Ring Vibrators

Penis ring vibrators can be located either on top of the ring, or below. A vibrating cock ring with the vibrator positioned on top stimulates the female clitoris during deep penetrations. The vibrator on the bottom stimulates the partner's perianal area and the wearer's scrotum.

Some rings have dual vibrators one in each position to make sure everyone gets satisfied with the extra buzz. Ring with dual bands hold the vibrator in its place. When the ring gets wet from lubrication, gravity will cause it to rotate and the vibrator will end up facing downwards.

If you want it to specifically target the clitoris, then select a vibrating penis ring with a double band. One band wraps around the scrotum, the other wraps around the penis shaft. This prevents the ring from sliding around or moving too much during intercourse.

Some men wear a vibrating penis ring during solo masturbation. It's a little secret because most customers think they are made for couples, but men can use them alone. You can combine with with a stroker or masturbator to enhance pleasure even more, or simply wear the ring when you bare-knuckle it.

9. Cock Rings

Triple Rings

Cock Rings are a type of male sex toy used to enhance erections or improve sex & masturbation. There's so much to discuss, so make sure to visit the blog entry about how to put on a cock ring for complete instructions.

A tighter fitting ring limits flow of fluids in and out of the erection, and aids in maintaining a firm erection for longer than normal.

Constriction rings are often used as part of vacuum therapy for men with erectile dysfunction. It is advisable not to wear longer than 20 minutes at once, but as long as the man monitors the time, these are a very safe way to prolong an erection, even often recommended by doctors.

What is the point of a penis ring? For men who have erectile dysfunction, ask your doctor if a ring is a good option. Being tight, comfort is limited. Apply lubrication around the inside of the ring and on the penis to ease it on preventing pulled pubic hairs or skin. Furthermore, try putting it on before becoming erect.

The first thing a man will notice is how much higher this holds the erection. A testicle strap behind the scrotum pulls everything up a little higher and more forward giving the illusion of a larger penis, sold!

Secondly, the testicle strap can help prevent premature ejaculation by putting pressure on the veins behind. Thirdly, the pressure around the scrotum enhances pleasure making sexual intercourse and masturbation more pleasurable.

Tips on Sizing a Cock Ring

If you're concerned that a solid penis ring won't fit, then choose an adjustable ring instead. Check out my male sex toy guide that covers sizes & materials of cock rings.

Some have snaps that adjust the tightness, others have a bead that slides up and down the loop to loosen and tighten as needed. Some rings have three points to adjust the metal snaps, placed around the circumference allowing men to choose the closest fit.

Cock cages with multiple points of adjustment offer men more of a fetish choice as this transforms the erection into a naughty looking tool. One of the most popular add-ons for a penis ring purchase is delay cream. This is a topical anesthetic that is applied to the erection about 5 minutes before intercourse.

It numbs the surface and reduces sensation for him therefore delaying premature ejaculation. We're often asked if applying cream will numb the partner too, but as long as it's applied 5 minutes before skin to skin contact, it will be fully absorbed and will not affect the sensation for his partner.

Weighted Cock and Ball Ring

Weighted Cock and Ball Ring - $17

A popular silicone ring that enhances sexual pleasure for him while keeping the erection firm and sturdy.

Ranglers Silicone Cock Ring

Ranglers Silicone Cock Ring - $6

Thick yet stretchy silicone penis ring with bumps inside to keep it in place during sex or masturbation.

10. Penis Pumps

Head Job Pump

Contrary to popular belief, penis pumps do not enlarge the penis. They help men who have ED or soft erections obtain a fully erect penis allowing them to engage in sexual intercourse or to masturbate.

They are also a type of male sex toy used for masturbation. Penis pumps feel good and are commonly used for sexual pleasure. Instructions are as follows:

  1. Apply lubricant around the base of the penis and around the seal.
  2. Place the cylinder over the flaccid penis. If there is a sleeve on the base of the cylinder, tuck the penis inside the hole.
  3. Squeeze the bulb or pull the trigger until vacuum pressure forms in the cylinder. The opposite reaction is that the vacuum draws blood into the penis which makes it become erect.
  4. Release the vacuum and let air back into the cylinder to remove the penis pump. Note that some cylinders have a hole on the side. Put your thumb over the hole to create vacuum suction while pumping. Other styles have a quick release valve on the cylinder or hear the handle that you press to release the suction once the penis is erect.
  5. Slide on a penis ring to maintain the erection for the duration of sex or masturbation.

Mayla Green

Mayla Green has been involved in the sex toy industry since 2004. Working behind the motto “Sex TOYS should be FUN”, Mayla provides unique tips & advice amassed from over a decade of hands on experience with adult products. She also coaches clients how to fully enjoy sexual pleasure and can be seen in major publications & magazines online.

Happily married since 2009, she knows firsthand how the sex life eventually becomes repetitive (which truthfully means boring), so if you're looking to spice things up in the bedroom, Mayla's your gal! Her literary pride & joy is covering topics for established couples needing inspiration to keep lovemaking exciting and fun.

Not in a relationship? Her other focus is teaching women how to properly handle the “little person in the canoe” to experience the best orgasms ever, no partner required! Her creative and innovative tips, techniques and advice is on par with a certified sex therapist or Sexologist, but with an extra advantage from her knowledge of the adult toy business.

View all articles published by Mayla Green exclusively for The Adult Toy Shop sex blog and follow me on Instagram.

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