Inflatable Anal Toys

Inflatable dildos are a unique style of sex toy that inflates by squeezing a hand bulb. Inflatable sex toys and butt plugs insert into the body at regular size and expand inside for the ultimate sexual pressure while vibration spreads evenly throughout the balloon. Inflatable dildos blow up to girths that would be impossible to insert through the anus or vagina. A popular sex toy for both men & women looking for a kinky experience.

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  1. Inflatable Anal Balloon
    Inflatable Anal Balloon
    $19.43 $23.99 You Save $4.56

    Our favorite inflatable anal sex toy for first timers. Small & easy!

  2. Renegade Inflatable
    Renegade Inflatable
    $25.10 $30.99 You Save $5.89

    Inflatable anal toy with a stiff flexible neck and slim probe.

  3. Extreme Balloon
    Extreme Balloon
    $46.16 $56.99 You Save $10.83

    Large expandable anal probe with ridiculously strong vibration.

  4. Deluxe Inflating Plug
    Deluxe Inflating Plug
    $37.25 $45.99 You Save $8.74

    Medium size heavy-duty vibrating & inflatable butt plug.

  5. Mack Inflatable
    Mack Inflatable
    $47.78 $58.99 You Save $11.21

    1st inflatable dildo vibrator with a suction cup!

  6. The Ram
    The Ram
    $34.01 $41.99 You Save $7.98
    Out of stock
    A small vibrating & inflatable sex toy best for beginners.
  7. Hefty Inflatable Probe
    Hefty Inflatable Probe
    $24.29 $29.99 You Save $5.70

    Flexible expanding inflating dildo offers a unique change of pace.

  8. Expandable Plug
    Expandable Plug
    $24.29 $29.99 You Save $5.70

    One of the fastest & easiest blow up butt plugs to inflate.

  9. Silicone Expander
    Silicone Expander
    $32.39 $39.99 You Save $7.60

    This premium expandable anal toy is the best choice for 1st timers.

  10. Silicone Inflatable
    Silicone Inflatable
    $31.58 $38.99 You Save $7.41

    Small all-silicone inflatable butt plug. Completely latex-free!

  11. Pink Inflatable Plug
    Pink Inflatable Plug
    $32.39 $39.99 You Save $7.60

    Finally, a pure silicone inflatable butt plug just for women!

  12. Mack Tuff
    Mack Tuff
    $42.92 $52.99 You Save $10.07

    This manly anal probe for men gets everything right!

  13. Medium Silicone Plug
    Medium Silicone Plug
    $31.58 $38.99 You Save $7.41
    Slimmer latex-free inflatable butt plug offers a less intense feel.
  14. Large Silicone Plug
    Large Silicone Plug
    $34.82 $42.99 You Save $8.17
    Out of stock

    Large latex-free expanding butt plug inflates like a spade.

  15. Trinity Inflatable Dildo
    Trinity Inflatable Dildo
    $34.82 $42.99 You Save $8.17

    The longest of all inflatable dildos at a whopping 11 inches!

  16. Butt Buster
    Butt Buster
    $44.54 $54.99 You Save $10.45

    A wild ride! Advanced inflatable anal toy with crazy vibration.

  17. Throbbing Balloon
    Throbbing Balloon
    $46.16 $56.99 You Save $10.83

    Evenly spaced inflatable anal toy with suction cup.

  18. Ass Blaster
    Ass Blaster
    $37.25 $45.99 You Save $8.74
    Out of stock

    Big 10 inch long inflating expandable dildo for the daring.

  19. Extreme Stretcher
    Extreme Stretcher
    $42.92 $52.99 You Save $10.07
    A powerful and lavish addition to masturbation.
  20. Inflatable Dildo
    Inflatable Dildo
    $40.49 $49.99 You Save $9.50

    Big & thick blow up inflatable dildo with suction cup &; balls.

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Items 1-20 of 26