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Inflatable Dildos & Butt Plugs

The inflatable dildo is a unique style of sex toy that holds air like a balloon. Squeeze the hand bulb and expand the shaft inside your body to greatly enhance both sex & masturbation. Press the quick release valve to remove the air when you're done. The expanding dildo and inflatable butt plug can blow up to huge girths that would be impossible to insert through the anus or vagina at full size.

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Why Should I Buy an Inflatable Dildo?

Variety makes life interesting, and your sex toy collection is no exception! The inflatable dildo or vibrator offers a sensation truly unlike any other adult toy. Your imagination is the limits when it comes to sexual exploration and the best expanding dildo is one of those oddball toys where you can truly experiment with new pleasures. Learn how to use an inflatable butt plug here with full step by step instructions.

The Ram Inflatable Dildo
We show every product deflated & inflated.
  • The hollow balloon is lighter AND wider than any other toy. It lacks the weight of a regular vibrator, yet the shaft can expand up to 4 inches wide inside the body. Sure you can stuff a 3 inch wide dildo into your vagina or butt, but they're really heavy and it feels bulky. The lighter weight combined with immense thickness is a spectacular contrast compared to a regular dildo.

  • You can walk around wearing an inflatable dildo! Insert a normal dildo into your vagina, stand up and walk around; you'll immediately discover that it falls out. Now insert a blow up toy and pump the bulb. You can masturbate while wearing it too. It's our secret way to enjoy a truly hands free pleasure enhancer!

    When the balloon is full, it fills in every gap, crease and crevasse inside your body and stays in place. Referring back to the first point, the light weight also contributes to it's ability to stay put without falling out. Gravity is no match for the blow up balloon dildo!

  • It's the safest way possible to experience a giant girth stretching inside your body. The anus is a sphincter that only opens so far, and if you push something huge inside of it you risk damage or tearing. The expanding toy is your best body-safe choice.

    When you insert the shaft, it slides in at a reasonable size first then pumps up large after it's passed the opening. The final girth will be thicker than anything you can stuff into your butt. The sphincter never gets stretched too far, yet the rectum remains filled with intense tingling pressure.

4 Styles of Inflatable Sex Toys:

Even though we're focusing on inflatable dildos, they can actually be categorized into 4 different inflatable sex toy types that appeal to both men and women. These provide a different sensation and can be used either in the anus or vagina. Both sexes benefit from wearing them during intercourse on those adventurous nights together, and they feel amazing during solo masturbation.

  1. Dildos
  2. Butt Plugs
  3. Vibrators
  4. Probes

If you're interested in expanding your pleasure through the back door (pun absolutely intended), be sure to check out my inflatable butt plug guide that explores the styles of rear-focused expanding toys and explains what they really feel like. It also summarizes everything you've wanted to know about expanding anal toys, probes and anal dildos. A must read before you buy online!

An Added Bonus: The Inflatable Vibrator!

The inflatable vibrator is another spicy addition to your collection. The feeling of the vibration echoes throughout the surface and spreads evenly through your body. It's less intense compared to a traditional vibrator because the motor is nestled inside the solid core so it creates vibration waves through the air captured inside the device.

Most toys offer optional vibration simply because the enhancement is far superior than one without. The only disadvantage of a vibrating option is you'll have extra cords and a battery controller to manage in addition to the hand bulb and it's accompanying tubing. We don't think that's a deal breaker however, just something to be aware of!

Q. What does an Inflatable Dildo Look Like?

A. If you've ever wondered what it looks like deflated and/or inflated, we've taken pictures of every product before and after squeezing the hand bulb. You can see a picture of the device in its normal deflated state, and a second photo of the device fully inflated.

You'll know exactly what it looks like when fully expanded because most of them do not retain their original shape when full of air. They all look different when pumped up. We think it's one of the best features for someone shopping online because it's important to know what you're buying!

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