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About Us -

Welcome, so Glad you're Here! We are Mayla & Danielle, the founders of We've been best friends and co-workers for over a decade. We started this journey when we first met at a brick & mortar sex shop back in 2004. We take great pride in helping couples improve their sex life. Over the years, we've developed tremendous knowledge and were astonished with the quantity of adult products available. It's overwhelming! In 2008 we decided to start an online store not only to extend our reach across the country, but this way we could personally select only the best sex toys to carry and ignore the rest.

Why are we Awesome?

Testing All the Toys
We're hard at work testing toys to determine if they're good enough to list in the catalog. You'll never get a dud here!

We're awesome because of our vast experience working with sex toys - we know what's good and what's not. We don't have the biggest selection, in fact, you'll probably find our selection is smaller than everyone else's, but this is on purpose - we stock the good stuff only! There's no need to overwhelm the customer with several of the same thing, that makes shopping too confusing.

We Make Sex FUN!

We've been happily married to our husbands for years and all felt the funk of a stale relationship. It happens to everyone eventually, but there's no need to let the spark fizzle. We firmly believe that incorporating sex toys into your regular sex life is the best way to keep it lively, fun and interesting. They are called “sex TOYS” for a reason. It's time to have FUN! Watch our how to use sex toys videos to fully maximize your experience and enjoyment.

Real Descriptions, Real Experience

Mayla and Danielle wrote every single product description here. Before adding toys to the catalog, we touch, bend, squeeze, activate, lubricate, examine and sometimes try the toy. This hands-on approach is the only way we can write a description that accurately describes the product. We also have a tape measure in hand because it's important to know accurate measurements. As for men's toys, our husbands are the testers and if they're up for giving it a try, they report to us what they thought. Thanks guys!

YOU are Our Everything!

We love to share our knowledge. Please ask us any question, we're always happy to assist. Notice the "ask a question" feature located on every single product page? This option is the quickest way to ask a question. Discreetly, a reply shows up in the email inbox within the same business day. Quickly obtain the precise information about the product under consideration. We do not just want a one-time customer; we want a customer for life. We do our best to ensure satisfaction. We pledge to make customers happy, answer any questions and provide all adults with the best sex toy shopping experience. We look forward to serving you soon!

Meet our Resident Sexpert: Mayla Green

Mayla Green takes pride in being an authority in the industry. Not only is she the co-founder of the store, but she is a relationship & sexuality expert with a vast professional work experience. Over the past 12 years, Mayla Green has helped thousands of couples to improve the sex life, stay healthy, establish a closer bond and take the bedroom adventures to new levels of exploration in a way that is comfortable for both partners. Mayla has provided commentary in sex advice columns & forums all over the web, and has been featured in major publications such as Fatherly, Elite Daily, Kinkly, Cosmopolitan, Romper and Bustle. Make sure to check out her sex toys blog filled with useful information including how-to articles, Q&A series and insider tips on sex toys that you won't find anywhere else.

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Mayla works hard on promoting our store, building trust in the industry and gaining authority status in the online sexuality field. Here's a sampling of where we've been published:

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