Experience Counts!

We know our stuff! Experience counts as we can offer the best opinions and more importantly, real opinions on sex toys.

We take "one of everything" home so when it comes time to add product descriptions and write reviews, all testimonials and descriptions originate directly from personal experience. To cover men's sex toys, husbands and boyfriends are the guinea pigs for a male opinion.

We are proud to be one of the only sex shops that can offer this much in-depth experience for customers.


Going Above and Beyond.

Notice the "ask a question" feature located on every single product page? This option is the quickest way to ask a question. Discreetly, a reply shows up in the email inbox within the same business day. Quickly obtain the precise information about the product under consideration.

We do not just want a one-time customer; we want a customer for life. We do our best to ensure satisfaction. We pledge to make customers happy, answer any questions and provide all adults with the best sex toy shopping experience. We look forward to serving you soon!