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Glass Dildos

Are you getting bored of standard sex and want to spice up your sex life? The seamless glide of glass dildos is truly unlike any other sex toy you've tried. Small & large glass sex toys don't shatter if dropped, thanks to the material similar to Pyrex, and they all have a hypoallergenic, non-porous surface - the most hygienic of any material.

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You'll Love Our Range of Glass Dildo Toys

Glass is a special sex toy material worthy of its own category. We love large glass dildos, they offer a unique, unmistakable, and intense sensation that cannot be compared to silicone dildos.

The first thing you'll notice when you unwrap your new glass sex toy is the weight. Glass dildos are far heavier than rubber and have a solid, thick, and sturdy feel in your hand. This transfers into a phenomenal feel when used, the weight adds more bulk and firmer pressure, which enhances the intensity of the experience.

Smooth Sensations of Foreplay

The next feature you'll notice is the smooth surface. There is little friction created with your skin, it glides even without lubricant. This is the only type of adult toy that doesn't require lube, but we still recommend a few drops because it makes initial insertion easier, and it glides like a slip 'n slide when wet!

The glide produces the best orgasm from a non-vibrating glass dildo, especially the curved ones; we know from personal experience! Even the small textured styles, such as those with a bumpy or spiraled shaft, or a realistic penis-shaped tip, have a smooth glide.

It sounds like a contradictory statement, but even the large textured glass toys glide endlessly! If you have sensitive skin or allergies to rubber, the best Pyrex style glass is the only sex toy for women that is completely hypoallergenic.

Glass dildo colors
Beautiful, classy artwork!

Sensual & Body-Safe Glass Sex Toys

Some people may cringe at the idea of a glass dildo and think it's not safe, but they are not thin or delicate like a windowpane - glass dildos are sturdy and shatterproof just like Pyrex dishes and bakeware. Check out my guide on how to use a glass dildo before you buy online for a full FAQ on safety with pleasure tips.

It's also a perfect adult novelty to use in the bathtub because you'll never have to worry about water leaking into the battery compartment. It can never be ruined by bath oils or soaps either, unlike some toys with more delicate materials.

Glass Toys for the G Spot

Since many have a small curved shaft, they are an excellent choice for female G Spot and male prostate stimulation massage. Even though most are targeted towards women, we like to suggest these for men because the power of the prostate massage is unmistakable.

Glass dildos are the easiest sex toy to clean. It's the only truly non-porous dildo and is not capable of growing bacteria on the surface. It's also the only sexual device that can be shared between partners and shared between vaginas and anus. Never transfer the shaft directly from the vagina to the anus without washing first!

If you're looking for a new style of a glass sex toy today, we encourage you to try one of the best classy creations today. We're sure you'll love it!

Which Glass Dildo Is the Best for Me?

Now that your know that our glass sex toys are hard to break and super safe for the body, it is time to start shopping for one. If you already know which type of toy makes you feel amazing, use our filter options to narrow down the search. If you are looking for anal penetration toys, simply choose "Anal toy type" in the filter list. If you are new to wands, go for small or medium-sized dildos.

For those who shop for glass dildos for the first type, we always suggest following these three main criteria:

  • Size
  • Texture
  • Functionality

We have something for any taste! We truly have a diverse selection of textures and shapes on the site, like the Heart of Glass or the Floral Glass G. But if you are new to glass sex toys, you might want to order a simpler design, for example, the realistic glass dildo.

When it comes to functionality, you can find one-side glass dildos and those that are for vaginal penetration but also can be used anally. The latter would have an extended plug-like shape. Other than that, we also feature vibrators that can be used together or separately with a glass dildo.

Selecting your Shape & Size

Let's not forget about the length and diameter of a glass sex toy that can really make a difference and be more satisfying. We have large glass dildos of the insertable length of up to 9 inches and up to 2 inches in diameter.

Of course, there is one more feature to consider, but it is less essential than the ones above - color. You will notice that most of our Pyrex adult toys come in different colors. While some are primarily transparent or pink, you will find absolutely gorgeous glass dildos for anal play or vaginal / G Spot stimulation.

We encourage you to explore new options in sex life to have a more exhilarating experience than you've ever had before. The best glass butt plugs bring an elegant kink factor to your sex life.

New Sensations With a Glass Sex Toy

Choosing a small glass dildo can be challenging for some, but we're here to help. When browsing our site to find the best glass dildos for you, you can open any of the sex toys listed and read their description. There, you can find useful information about delivery and also read reviews.

If that doesn't help you decide whether a certain product is your perfect toy - ask us a question! We'll promptly answer anything about a large glass dildo, a glass anal plug, or happily give you tips about anal stimulation or G-spot stimulation.

Found your sleek-looking glass dildo but feel ashamed of neighbors noticing your package on arrival? We offer discreet shipping and don't even mention our company name on it. Now you can wait for your dildo in excitement without worrying about someone busting you.

A Cool Sex Toy for Hot Sex

The material has the ability to retain heat, and if you dip the shaft in warm water for a few moments before insertion, it will stay at a higher temperature and feel hot. You can place it in your freezer to make it cold. This is called temperature play.

On that note, a glass dildo, unlike silicone sex toys, has another quality to explore - temperature play. An easy yet sensual idea to try out. Simply dipping your toy in warm or cold water is enough. However, don't take it to extreme temperatures as that can be unsafe.

We have a magic wand that can be that missing part of your foreplay routine with a partner or even a substitute for one. Now, you might instantly imagine sex toys made of silicone material. But we offer you a work of art - a smooth dildo made of tough Borosilicate glass.

It's a must-have trendy toy for women to give that extra stimulation they crave. A glass dildo has more weight than a standard sex toy, boosting sexual pleasure during anal play and masturbation. With a pinch of lube, it becomes a versatile tool for both anal play and vaginal penetration.

Don't put off giving yourself maximum pleasure. Pick your best glass toy from our sex toy collection today!

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