Dichroic Wand

An elegant piece of art, filled with optical illusions!

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Dichroic means there are layers of oxides or metals within the center of the glass with multidimensional visual properties. Now these oxides and metals are within the glass, and are completely safe to use. The surrounding glass is smooth and seamless; the center just makes it look gorgeous. These types of glass sex toys can range into the hundreds of dollars; however, this one is a great deal.

Get the sensations of thick, sturdy glass, a bulbous and multi-sized shaft and the stunning dichroic look without breaking the bank. A real piece of art! The shaft is doubled to use either end for insertion. The thicker bulged end fills up more, and the thinner rounded end massages precisely.

Length: 7 inches
Width: Ranges between 1 - 1 1/2 inches

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