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With over 10,000 styles of womens sex toys to choose from, how do you know which is best? It can be overwhelming, but when you buy sex toys from us, it's easy to find a personal massager or intimate sex aid you'll love because we've done the hard work for you. Instead of stocking everything, we've hand picked the best pleasure toys for women so you'll never see the not-so-good toys stacked alongside the amazing-must-have toys. There are several possible categories, and to keep it simple, underrated and lesser known sex toys like wand vibrators and g-spot dildos are listed separately. Explore there today to discover unique hidden gems.

If you don't have time to search the store for a new plaything, then select one from the best seller list below. These are automatically generated from all womens categories including vaginal & clitoral vibrators, anal vibrators, dildos and clitoris stimulators & mini vibrating massagers. It's a great list for inspiration too, so if you'd like to venture out and try something new, you're sure to find unique & new ideas for bedroom fun.

50 Best Womens Sex Toys

  1. Dual Kiss
    Dual Kiss
    $25.91 $31.99 You Save $6.08
  2. Play with Me
    Play with Me
    $20.24 $24.99 You Save $4.75
  3. G-Spot Arouser
    G-Spot Arouser
    $28.34 $34.99 You Save $6.65
  4. Turbo Wand
    Turbo Wand
    $17.81 $21.99 You Save $4.18
  5. Clit Kisser
    Clit Kisser
    $20.24 $24.99 You Save $4.75
  6. Gel Power Flicker
    Gel Power Flicker
    $29.15 $35.99 You Save $6.84
  7. Impulse Slim
    Impulse Slim
    $19.43 $23.99 You Save $4.56
  8. Moderate Life Likes Vibe
    Moderate Life Likes Vibe
    $37.25 $45.99 You Save $8.74
  9. Slim Realistic Dildo
    Slim Realistic Dildo
    $63.98 $78.99 You Save $15.01
  10. King Cock - Small
    King Cock - Small
    $24.29 $29.99 You Save $5.70
  11. Basic Colored Penis
    Basic Colored Penis
    $16.19 $19.99 You Save $3.80
  12. Basic 6 Inch Gel
    Basic 6 Inch Gel
    $12.95 $15.99 You Save $3.04
  13. Fetish Vibrating Panty
    Fetish Vibrating Panty
    $25.91 $31.99 You Save $6.08
  14. Remote Control Panty
    Remote Control Panty
    $43.73 $53.99 You Save $10.26
  15. Pretty N Pink
    Pretty N Pink
    $8.90 $10.99 You Save $2.09
  16. Party Plug
    Party Plug
    $29.96 $36.99 You Save $7.03
  17. Mini Beginners Anal Toy
    Mini Beginners Anal Toy
    $20.24 $24.99 You Save $4.75
  18. Jellies Anal Kit
    Jellies Anal Kit
    $26.72 $32.99 You Save $6.27
  19. Petite Satin G
    Petite Satin G
    $15.38 $18.99 You Save $3.61
  20. Black Velvet Clit Vibe
    Black Velvet Clit Vibe
    $18.62 $22.99 You Save $4.37
  21. Hottie Pink
    Hottie Pink
    $16.19 $19.99 You Save $3.80
    Out of stock
  22. Mischief Nipple Clamps
    Mischief Nipple Clamps
    $11.33 $13.99 You Save $2.66
  23. Magnetic Nipple Clamps
    Magnetic Nipple Clamps
    $33.20 $40.99 You Save $7.79
  24. Cyberskin Dildo
    Cyberskin Dildo
    $50.21 $61.99 You Save $11.78

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How do we know what's good? Real world experience. Our staff has over a decade of experience working in adult toy shops and we've seen many trends come & go. New erotic inventions are constantly being released in hopes of becoming the next bedroom trend, some are ingenious ideas, others are quite odd, but over the years they've all crossed our office desk. Thousands of products have been tested to determine quality, function, value for the dollar and uniqueness. We only pick the good female adult toys to sell; therefore, our chosen intimate toys for women and Kegel exercisers have passed the quality test. We're proud to offer the finest & best creations to our valued customers.

For the first time visitor, check out the dildo guide that lists & compares 10 types of dildos, the vibrator guide that explains the difference between 10 vibrator styles and stimulators guide discussing 10 styles of tiny vibrators for the clitoris such as vibrating bullets and wand vibrators. Taking a quick scan of these guides helps a beginner to know what to expect from the various models available. The guide also helps someone looking for a romantic or erotic gift idea for their lover. Sex toys make great adult gifts, especially for Valentine's day!

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