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Butt Plugs

Here to buy a butt plug? You'll appreciate our unique selection of anal plugs for sale. We've sourced anal toys beyond the ordinary and have some of the best butt plugs for men and women. Buy long huge butt plugs for experts to small beginner butt plugs made of silicone or metal and refresh your sex life today.

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Unique Anal Plugs for Sale

Buy anal plugs online and enjoy back door stimulation that makes your orgasms feel so much more intense. We have a unique selection of the best butt plugs for men and women that you won't find anywhere else in all sizes (from small to huge), shapes (from curved to long) and colors (from black, pink, purple and clear).

Some of the most popular and best butt plugs & beginner anal toys are tapered, small and gentle, others are large, intense and weighted. Big hollow butt plugs for sale are designed for kinky anal play and fetish experimentation. Male butt plugs may have a curved shape to stimulate the prostate, also known as male P-Spot.

Metal or silicone butt plugs for women will enhance sex by forcing their partner's penis, dildo or vibrator to stimulate the G Spot during vaginal intercourse as the large anal plug fills up the rectum and narrows the available space for penetration inside the vagina.

Buy the Best Beginner Butt Plugs

Purple Starter Butt Plug
A pretty starter plug in purple.

Small butt plugs are the obvious beginners choice. It's the best way to enjoy light pressure in the rectum without overstretching the sphincter. The majority of cheap anal plugs for sale are small and well suited for beginners and fit comfortably inside the anus. First timers enjoy tiny butt plugs that are as thin as finger!

The tapered bunny tail or jewel anal plug for women is the most popular feminine butt sex toy for first timers today. In the effort to erase the taboo image of using anal sex toys, we're seeing a surge of cute and pretty diamond anal plugs for sale with a heart or gem in the base to add a touch of luxury to anal sex and backdoor play.

Butt plug training sets include multiple sizes of starter butt plugs in one set. These are intended for anal training, but for example if you like small beginner butt plugs and your partner prefers large or big butt plugs, each of you could claim one of the anal toys as your own. This is a cost effective way to stock your sex toy collection.

Long Dildo Butt Plugs for Men

The penis butt plug and anal dildo are the two most common anal toys for guys. Not all guys necessarily want to max out their erotic limits with something huge or giant, but its no secret that a filled anus and intense rectal stimulation has a powerful effect on the male orgasm.

Dildo butt plugs are popular prostate stimulators for men because after all, the prostate gland IS located inside the anus, so men greatly benefit from a realistic long butt plug for anal pleasure. it's no secret that P Spot massage alone can produce an orgasm.

The two most common materials are silicone and metal, often stainless steel metal. Which is the best butt plug? They both feel different, the decision on which to purchase is based on personal preference. Silicone feels silky smooth and warm. Metal feels cold heavy and slick.

Other Kinky Anal Toys for Backdoor Play

If kinky and weird is more your style, then a hollow butt plug for men is a fun toy to try. You can poke it in the ass with your finger (or your lover can poke and thrust the hollow anal plug as part of exploratory foreplay).

This is just one example of the cool variations of butt dildos and anal plugs. Other interesting choices include all day butt plug or wearable anal plugs that tuck discreetly between the ass cheeks and are unnoticeable when worn in public.

Some people like wearing a public butt plug because the constant sexual arousal and rectal pressure keeps the sexual urges ripe and ready all day long. It's like your own naughty secret. Our advice is not to buy a vibrating butt plug for public however, even anal toys with remote control are noisy enough to be heard by others!

Weighted butt plugs are becoming very popular choices for men. Why are they best for men? Weighted anal plugs are often large or thick, and traditionally, women prefer small or thin anal trainer toys. Men benefit from big butt plugs because of the intense prostate stimulation and milking from using a massive anal toy. Add a vibrating prostate plug for even more stimulation.

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