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Shop for butt plugs from beginner anal toys small as a finger, penis shaped or long butt plugs, and big sizes for serious sexual pleasure.

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  1. Anal Starter
    Anal Starter
    Special Price $11.33 was $13.99

    Apprentice's favorite gentle introductory tool.

  2. Ram Trainer - Large
    Ram Trainer - Large
    Special Price $16.19 was $19.99

    Jumbo sized anal toy. Enjoy a wide poke way up in there!

  3. Ram Trainer - Medium
    Ram Trainer - Medium
    Special Price $16.19 was $19.99

    The perfect upgrade from your first anal dildo.

  4. His and Hers Plug
    His and Hers Plug
    Special Price $9.71 was $11.99

    Favorite for 1st timers, the highest level of comfort.

  5. Finger Sleeves
    Finger Sleeves
    Special Price $11.33 was $13.99 You Save $2.66

    Let your fingers do the talking in the cleanest way possible!

  6. Basic Beginner's Plug
    Basic Beginner's Plug
    Special Price $8.09 was $9.99

    Rounded base takes up much less space!

  7. Booty Rocker
    Booty Rocker
    Special Price $11.33 was $13.99

    Tiny plug is a cool, curious variation to the ordinary.

  8. Mood Plug
    Mood Plug
    Special Price $19.43 was $23.99

    Cute 'lil thing is both unconventional & ordinary!

  9. Pretty Ends Beginner Plug
    Pretty Ends Beginner Plug
    Special Price $10.52 was $12.99

    The plug with the most stylish & modern flair.

  10. Pretty Ends Medium Plug
    Pretty Ends Medium Plug
    Special Price $12.14 was $14.99

    Better fit with gel core under a firm silicone coating.

  11. Butt Plug - Intermediate
    Butt Plug - Intermediate
    Special Price $12.14 was $14.99

    Body safe firm blend suitably steps-up to the next size.

  12. Butt Plug - Beginner
    Butt Plug - Beginner
    Special Price $11.33 was $13.99

    Discreetly sized just right for an easy introduction.

  13. The Push
    The Push
    Special Price $26.72 was $32.99

    Pliable plug can be worn under your clothes.

  14. Butt Plug - Advanced
    Butt Plug - Advanced
    Special Price $14.57 was $17.99

    Chunky beast for the experts best shallow pressure.

  15. The Anal Stuffer
    The Anal Stuffer
    Special Price $12.95 was $15.99 You Save $3.04

    Plump wide-bodied design truly lives up to its name.

  16. Spectra Gel Plug
    Spectra Gel Plug
    Special Price $11.33 was $13.99 You Save $2.66

    Tiny stuffer with gentle curve for men and women.

  17. Real Skin Suction Plug
    Real Skin Suction Plug
    Special Price $15.38 was $18.99

    Small plug perfectly re-creates penile penetrations.

  18. Cock Plug
    Cock Plug
    Special Price $10.52 was $12.99

    Soft & gentle penis shaped anal toy in 2 sizes.

  19. Swizzle
    Special Price $13.76 was $16.99

    Best anal toy to stick where the sun don't shine.

  20. Anal Delight
    Anal Delight
    Special Price $11.33 was $13.99

    Cozy & comfortable anal toy to enhance your sex life.

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101 items