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Female Arousal Gel

Female arousal gels are highly concentrated nipple or clitoral stimulating gels that create a tingling sensation on the erogenous zones. A small drop of stimulation cream is the perfect cure to a low libido. Check out our invigorating tingling arousal gels and scream creams to fire up sexual arousal today.

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Female Stimulation Arousal Gels for the Clitoris

Arousal creams and female libido enhancer gels are an excellent way for women with a low sex drive to experience a sense of erotic arousal. How do clitoral gels work?

They have natural additives that encourage blood flow to the area and make the clitoris and/or nipples more sensitive. The result is a strong tingling and pulsing sensation. You'll feel the clit engorged with blood, just begging to be touched, massaged, stimulated or licked!

Benefits of Scream Cream for Clit Stimulation

Clitoral stimulating gel is also known as scream cream. It produces a tingling or cooling effect to heighten sexual arousal. They are best combined with a bullet vibrator or clit stimulator toy to create one of the most powerful and enjoyable orgasms. The combination of a small vibrating sex toy for the clitoris plus female arousal cream is a little known secret of the Sexperts, and one we are happy to share with you!

Women use arousal gels before sexual intercourse to help the vagina produce natural lubrication on its own. Stimulating creams are also used along with bullet vibrator or small clit toys, the vibration is amplified once the cream has absorbed into the skin.

If you're looking for a cheap sexual enhancer that provides big pleasure, female stimulation gels are an excellent value for the dollar leaving a lasting impact to her intimate pleasure.

Warming & Cooling Stimulating Nipple Gel

We have a few nipple gels and nipple stimulation creams that have a waxy density perfect for using with nipple suckers. They may have a warming or cooling effect that is perfect for heightening sensations during nipple play.

Applying this thick nipple gel around the areola before using the suction toys helps to create a better air seal allowing powerful vacuum suction. Additionally, using nipple gels that tingle enhance your sexual response by creating a stimulating chilled tingle.

Try a flavored female arousal cream for sexual arousal and let your lover lick or kiss it off during oral sex. Perfect for foreplay fun!

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