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Tingle Clitoral Gel

Minty fresh tingling gel for the clitoris. Perfect for heightening pleasure.
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Are you looking for an extra boost to your sexual pleasure? Why not try Tingle Clitoral Gel! It's is minty fresh, edible, tasty and tingly. A combination between moisturizer and arousal gel keeps your skin sensually soft while offering a pleasant tingle.

Arginine is the ingredient used in sensory heightening lubricants, it's the same magic element that causes a tingling on the skin. All you need to do is lay back and enjoy the feel. Every touch and breath will feel amplified as the tingle makes everything feel so much more intense.

Ideal for use with women who lack sexual desire, also features ginseng which boosts blood flow to the area which in turn causes the sense of touch to be amplified. They've thought of all facets of sexual stimulation in the creation of this unique product and if you have low libido, give it a try, it just may work!

Contains Arginine and Ginseng, a popular ingredient in tingling lubricants, but this gel is thicker so it won't be too runny. It goes on the clitoris - and stays on the clitoris!

Comes in a 2.4 fluid ounce bottle.
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